Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Case update

So, having five kids has been tough but I think we are over the hump now. Little man sleeps through the night most days, which is a big help. The first three months are kind of a blur at this point, honestly, and I'm pretty glad they are over.

PCC was granted on BB yesterday. In a surprising turn of events, Mom has dropped off the face of the earth - no contact with anyone since January 15th. I know she's alive because she updates her facebook occasionally (which I admit to stalking, probably too regularly) but no one has a good number for her, she's not visiting and is no longer at her same job. They are also filing for direct PCC on the baby - his hearing is on April 15th. I really thought this would be a long, drawn out trial but it hasn't turned out that way.

I really need this case to be done. I can't take another baby and it would not surprise me if Mom had another right away. I want to be officially deactivated before that happens. And that's a thought I never thought I'd have :)

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