Thursday, September 20, 2012

Five updates

Baby K is up to 7.5 lbs as of his appointment yesterday. The doctor said he looked to be healthy and happy which is good news, of course. He is so tiny - I know my kids were that small (Lily was way smaller!) but it seems so long ago.

BB is a funny boy. He is talking up a storm now, and doing that toddler thing where he says a string of sounds that he thinks are words but make no sense. He also has quite the temper. He is fond of throwing, slapping, stomping, etc, when he doesn't get his own way (and also sometimes just for fun). So far, he's been pretty gentle with Baby K (even going so far as to snuggle and want to hold him without prompting) but we'll see how long this lasts. I have to admit that there is just a difference between boys and girls in terms of how they play, too.

Brooklyn just started her second year of preschool. She has come so far since she came to us over two years ago. We went through some serious potty training regression this summer which made me want to poke my own eyes out, but that seems to have cleared up now (knock on wood).

Then there's Lucy. She is hysterical, a performer and an attention seeker. She is in love with Baby K. When I brought him home on Friday, she ran out the door to meet me.  She can often be found petting his head or asking to feed him.

Lily just started Kindergarten and man, I cannot believe the change in her - she seems more grown up after only three weeks. I was so nervous about how this would go for her because she is so shy and doesn't like to talk to adults. But I think it might be something she's outgrowing, she's clearly more confident already - she rapidly progressed from us walking her into the cafeteria and waiting with her until the bell rang to just having us walk her into the cafeteria to letting us drop her off.

Monday, September 17, 2012

And then there were five :)

So, Friday @ 12:30 I picked up BB's little brother from the hospital. He was 7lbs, 1 oz at birth and we should have a current weight after his first ped appointment today. He is a cutie. He doesn't love sleeping at night yet, which is a drag but we'll hopefully get it changed up soon. His blog nickname will be Baby K.

 The plan is to file for PCC (permanent court custody) on BB at the December hearing. Unclear how that will go, but mom has made little to no progress on her caseplan and hasn't been visiting consistently as of late. A lot will depend on what she does between now and December, I suspect though I doubt that he will be going anywhere before next summer even if they don't get PCC.

 We had a heads up about this about a month ago - we were under the impression from BB's old caseworker that the new baby wouldn't be coming into care, but the new c/w had different plans. I'm glad they were proactive about letting us know and informing us about the likely consequences of our answer - we didn't plan on taking any more kids, but were basically faced with the decision to take Baby K or have both he and BB moved to another placement to keep them together. The decisions we never thought we'd have to make!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Popping back in to type a sentence I never thought I would write

There is very high likelihood that tomorrow I will be a mother of five. For the love of all that is holy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tap, tap... hello?

So, yeah. It's been quite some time, huh? Before I get into anything else a quick update.

Lily is FIVE years old. Isn't that completely insane? I feel like I'm missing everything - I am definitely nostalgic for the present. She starts school in Kindergarten. She is smart, and strong, and healthy. She is also WAY too much like me (a mix of, perfectionism, smarts, moodiness and stubbornness). It's really uncanny.

Lucy is... oh my god. She is hysterical and smart and adorable - this kid lights up a room. She is a natural performaer and will do anything for a laugh. I honestly believe she should be a child actor. If you know any agents, DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT.

Brooklyn just turned four this weekend. We had a luau themed pool party for her birthday which was so fun. She is beautiful and persistent and she has come SO FAR. Tonight we had a girls night (PB is out of town and the the other three are with my parents / sister). So much fun. This girl really is cut out to be an only child. Poor thing ended up here instead.

B.B. is still with us. He JUST started walking at 19 MONTHS OLD. Part of it is definitely behavioral - he has three little mommas who are willing to bring him / take him anywhere he wants to go. But I'm a little concerned - the kids got fine motor skills like you would not believe and socially he's off the charts. Help Me Grow is on the case now though.

Speaking of cases... his has been so crazy. So originally Mom visited really regularly. She had an adorable little room set up for him, but she moves a lot. At this point she's only seen him once in the past couple of months. I'm also sad to report that she's pregnant again... I fail to see how she will be able to get things together with another baby if she hasn't made any progress in the past year without that extra work. I'm so torn on this one - she is SUPER great with him... when she shows up. BB himself is a fantastically charming baby. The kind who makes you think you could have 10 more. But in reality, I'm just hoping they don't ask us to take ONE more.

So that's the news that's fit to print. If you're out there still, leave me a comment and let me know how you've been. I've missed blogging. Maybe I'll try to get here more often. But I can't promise anything :)