Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mr. BB

BB is now army crawling - happened sometime last week (I was away on a business trip). He is also still very personable.

Ironically enough, BB's mom is in the same treatment home as Brooklyn's mom was. Visits started last week. BB's worker is really odd - she insisted on arranging transportation both ways for the visits, which is kind of a bummer for PB and me, given that we really like to work with biofamilies - PB met mom and grandma once, the first time we dropped him of for a visit.

Brooklyn's case is moving. We've completed the application to adopt and are waiting now. No word from Mom.

Lily and Lucy are getting ready to start preschool. Lily saw her old preschool teacher (the one she wouldn't talk to or make eye contact with while she was actually her teacher last year), ran across the office and gave her a huge hug. I think she is growing out of the shyness.

Lucy is absolutely hysterical. She now has a boyfriend, called Roger. He is 16 and apparently comes to our house at night after PB and I go to bed. I told her I'm having him arrested.

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