Sunday, August 07, 2011


So with regard to Brooklyn, my mixed feelings have more to do with the loss I know she and her mom feel rather than mixed feelings about whether or not the outcome was the best / right one. I definitely think it was best. I know it was right.

Though her mom was very close to reunification (overnight visits were about to start) I'm not sure she was psychologically ready, or that she would necessarily ever have been. I am relieved to know that she called the c/w one last time about a month before PCC was granted - although she didn't know the date / time of the hearing, she was made aware that the County was filing and I'm confident she knew what that meant. She refused to tell the c/w where she living and didn't take any more action to try to see Brooklyn or stop the PCC from occurring.

Although the end outcome (knowing Brooklyn was going PCC and not doing anything about it) is still the suck, I have to admit that that makes me rest a bit easier. I had nightmares about her finding out after the fact and being very angry. She may still be very angry, but at least I know she knew. If that makes any sense.

So we had our first visit with an adoption worker last week - the same worker who finalized Lily's adoption. She was thrilled to see Lily and says the adoption is being fasttracked. Suffice it to say I'll believe that when I see it.


Deborah said...

That makes perfect sense. I'm sure it helps to know she had that one last chance, and it'll make you feel more confident that this is the right choice.

From my work, I've found that state agencies can totally surprise you. Sometimes they take forever, and then one day they can do something totally right, and quickly. I hope Brooklyn's adoption is like that!

JUST A MOM said...

relax and enjoy,,,,, take one day at a time.