Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to BB

Yeah, I know this blog name is close to BeBe, who was our second placement but I'm not feeling that original now and we actually call him B.B. IRL as a nickname for his real name.

Here's the scoop.

Just as I was about to leave work to go to an evening focus group, I got a call from PB. Here's how the conversation went:

PB: Guess where I'm going?
ME: I don't know. Graeter's (a frequent destination because of the ladies love of ice cream and indoor playgrounds)
PB: No, guess again.
ME: I don't know. Where?
PB: Intake
ME: For what?
PB: To pick up a 6.5 month old baby boy.
ME: Oh my. What have you gotten us into?
PB: I thought you wanted to take a baby boy.
ME: I did. Hypothetically. Crap. OK. Well, send me a picture as soon as you can!

I then obsessively checked my phone for the next hour waiting for the picture of the world's cutest baby boy to pop up on my phone. All smiles. He is easily the most cheerful baby I've ever seen (which is saying something because Lucy was a pretty happy baby).

His birthday is 12.28 so he's coming up on 7 months. Appears to be happy, health and well cared for. Was staying with a grandparent who can't keep him. Mom is away for 3 months so we'll see what happens after that.

So we're a family of 6... For now.


LBC said...

Holy moly!

(I read this entry too fast the 1st time, swapping your lines with your husband's.)


JUST A MOM said...

A BOY OH MY!!!! congrads.....enjoy! Daddy's get the girls Mommies get the boys!!!! I loved my boys