Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick updates

Well, hello there. Things are going well at Chez Psychic. Lily and Brooklyn are in preschool now - both are loving it. Halloween is afoot and a Madeline theme has been chosen, Lily is Madeline, Lucy is a duck (they're in the book, I swear!) and Brooklyn is a nun. Yes, a 2 year old nun. We rock. If you email me, I can send a picture.

All of Brooklyn's medical consults went well - hernia is not a major problem, will likely self correct, dental consult was fine, though they predict braces later. Brooklyn's mom continues to visit most of the time and calls to cancel when she can't. As far as we know she still has her own place, a job, and is clean. I'm actually pretty proud of her - she's doing very well so far.

Our county filed for an extension on the case, which I think is the right decision. Brooklyn's mom has only been on her own for about a month or so. Hopefully the judge will agree. The court hearing is in December, which sounds far away but really isn't.

Other than that more of that same. PB seems to enjoy his SAHD gig, even 7 months later, which is good. I continue to work ridiculous hours, but that's better than the alternative.

I think that's about all here. Any news to share on your end?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Funny Lucyisms

Lucy sounds like a hippie on hallucinogenic drugs lately. To wit:

"We don't lick diapers.... Noooo"
"We don't eat wipes."
"Hercules, sparklies, hercules" - while looking at a donut?
"I eat you, Mama. I got you in my belly."

So, ummm, yeah. Funny stuff, but perhaps a bit disturbing, too :)