Thursday, September 16, 2010


Photo removed - email me and if I know you I'll send it.

And yes, she picked out her back to school outfit :)

She loves it, and wants to know when she gets to go on stage. Perhaps I can live my live musical theater dream vicariously through her. So far, the only real downside is that she must wear sneakers, which for a mini-fashionista like her is a little stressful.

Brooklyn also started (a different) preschool this week. She shrugged when we dropped her off and cried when she has to leave. The people there are amazing. Speaking of Brooklyn, her mom has been sober since she went to jail and completed her 3 month halfway house stay at the end of August. Her next court date is in December, so I'm not too sure if Miss Brooklyn will be her for Christmas - we'll see.

Lucy will be enjoying some one-on-one time with PB, which is going to be very good for her I predict. She definitely is a typical middle child when it comes to being entertaining for attention. The problem is she's too cute to be very hard on her - she is freakin' hysterical.

The ankle is coming along. I'm still not walking great but I'm improving a little more quickly than I thought I would which is good. I have yet another ankle brace to try as of this week (out of the boot). Still having pain during therapy and when walking for any amount of time, but as long as I take it really easy, it's manageable.