Thursday, August 05, 2010

Updates, etc.

Brooklyn: She's awesome. So awesome that she may not quality to be enrolled in the special needs daycare that she qualified for 3 months ago. Her speech has gone through the roof - it's unreal.

Visits with her mom are going much better. I continue to be concerned that mom is mostly disinterested. At a birthday party we did at, she handed Brooklyn to me saying, "Here, go to mama." I was taken aback - I mean I know that she appreciates what we do and she knows that Brooklyn loves us, but that just struck me as odd. Anyway, mom is in the halfway house until end of August, so that will really be the test.

Lily: She's great - we had a rough patch a month or so ago when her sensitivity issues really flared up. Seems to be evening out. I think that it was related to a growth spurt but I don't know for sure.

Lucy: Rotten, really, really, rotten. She thinks that misbehaving is the funniest things. EVER. and we really have not come across an effective discipline strategy for her yet - we're working on it.

The ankle: in a hard cast, stable, PIA - so pretty much the same, except hopefully the cast will be gone in about a week and a half.

PB: Is rocking the SAHD gig. I think he actually enjoys it and the girls certainly love it.

So that's the latest. What's happening in your part of the world?


JUST A MOM said...

Do youknow how to get ahold of the new blog you have directed us to? HOLDING PATTREN IF SO PLEASE forward her my fosterparent book/blog

or at least let her know it is there and read my essay I wrote on teh sidebar,,,

bringinghomebe said...

Bravo on the speech progress. What I would give for a verbal explosion!!