Monday, July 19, 2010


So I am through the surgery. Got home yesterday afternoon, hobbled my way to bed and pretty much haven't left since. Mom brought the girls back yesterday and they all appear to be in awe of the foot-that-must-not-be-touched. Pain is pretty much under control as long as I stick to the dosing schedule.

Am feeling a little bionic. They apparently used some kind of "anchor and cable" system inside my foot - this was explained to me at some point, but apparently they were not messing around with the pain relief and I don't remember it. I also have some sort of electro magnetic bone growth generator that goes on the outside of my bandage for 10 hours every day. And, before surgery they did this cool thing where they took a bunch of my blood, spun out the platelets, which I guess contain high concentrations of growth factors and other stuff, and applied that to my incision.

First appointment is tomorrow - for a dressing change. That should be interesting. PB is of course, taking fantastic care of me. He even spent the night at the hospital, despite my protestations. He's a good man.


JUST A MOM said...

glad your on the other side and on the mend. NOW DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO or NOT DO!

Anonymous said...


Glad your surgery is over and went well; and I hope you're up and around quickly. In the meantime, milk the service and attention! ;)