Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What's up around here

More of the same :-)

The girls are spectacular - Lily is getting SO BIG! It's a little ridiculous how much a of a girl she is not, instead of a baby. That's a concept she's struggling with by the way... she thinks babies are somehow genderless, and that they grow up to be either little girls or little boys. She also seems to think that kids can change their genders... that at some point, boy babies can become little girls and vice-versa.

Lucy is quite literally the most amusing child I've ever laid eyes on. She has this adorable little voice and she comes up with some of the craziest things. She loves to make people laugh and yesterday in the car, she and Lucy literally discovered toilet humor. The funniest lines from Lucy (at least according to Lily) was "My name is Potty Toilet." Lily cackled so loudly that Lucy then experiemented with different pitches and emphasizing different syllables: "My name is Pot-TY Toi-LET." You get the picture.

Brooklyn said her first sentence last week - "I put shoes way." Yes, like our eldest Brooklyn is also obsessed with shoes. And no, I have no idea where she gets it from. Visits continue pretty much the way they have been. As soon as PB pulls into the parking lot, Brooklyn starts yelling, "No, no, no, no," but she is apparently calming down when he leaves. C/W also told me she is doing the hitchy breathing thing that I haven't heard since about a month or so after she came to us which confirms for me that it's anxiety related. Books seem to help so we're sending those to visits a lot.

And ending on a more humorous note, other choice lines from the girls:

"These shoes don't fit. I need to take them back." (Lily)
"Don't worry, Mama. Accidents happen." (Lily, upon hearing that I forgot my wallet and we had to go back to the house before getting Gr.A.e.t.ers)
"No, I want mine own." (Lucy, when asked if she liked to have a bit of her uncle's ice cream)

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LBC said...

One of my friends told me that when she was little, she planned to grow up and be her granddad. My oldest son thinks I turn myself into a girl by applying make-up!