Thursday, June 24, 2010

More funny things heard

From the "I not" category (Lucy):

I not want to break it down.
I not freakin' out.
I not sullen.
I not want to calm down.

Other Lucy quotes:

You my friend, Mama! (and Papa, Lily, and Brooklyn)

Ridiculously mature usage from Lily:

That isn't on my head properly. (no really, word for word, I blame the recent Madeline obsession)
What flavor is this? (referring to her Blowpop, which was cherry, in case you're interested)

Freaky quotes from Lily:

Those black birds freak me out.
No, that would freak me out (referring to jumping off the diving board)

Real! Sentences! from Brooklyn:

No love you, mama (yes, that was her first four word sentence. Parenting fail!)
Love you mama (and Papa, Lily and Lucy)
Juice please, mama.
Where my shoes?
Not your shoes.
Mine!Mine!Mine (ok, so this really doesn't count as a sentence. But she says it. A LOT!)

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