Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Missive from PB

PB just called to share a great quote from Lily.

The scene: they are heading outside to put clothes on the line. PB instructs them to get shoes on if they're coming outside. Predictably, Lily chooses her peep two yellow patent shoes (they are currently her VERY FAVORITE OF ANYTHING SHE OWNS. EVER).

Lucy grabs some pink foam sandals, which admittedly are not the cutest shoes.

Lily to Lucy "Lucy, those are embarassing."

Again, no idea where she gets it from :-)


JUST A MOM said...

cute,, how are visits going ?

Anonymous said...

"Lucy, those are embarassing." -- this is something you would say yourself! Don't pretend you don't know where she gets her shoe fetish from :)

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