Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am posting the hell out of this blog today

A new foster mama (first placement) - check her out:

the holding pattern

Found her via Fosterhood in NYC - also a good read!

Oh yeah, and that whole ankle thing....

Remember my pseudo-fracture from a couple years back? Well, I did something similar close to two weeks ago. Because that's just how I roll.

But this time, I've got FIVE torn ligaments and a new ortho who is STRONGLY ADVISING (read: pretty much insisting in his best "I'm an expert, listen to me, dummy" voice) that I have surgery on the damn thing. Which you know, OK, I hate all things medical, and I think we all know that my control issues make surgery (especially anesthesia) pretty unbearable, right?

But the awesomeness of this particular procedure is even more pronounced after the actual surgery. Feel free to stop reading at this point, but if you're interested in the whole process here it is:

  • Surgery in one of my least favorite hospitals (because that's where this doc operates)
  • During surgery, he'll either sew together my five mishapen misshapen fucked up ligaments OR, remove part of one of my tendons and just start over from scratch.
  • Overnight stay in said hospital (AWESOME!)
  • Two weeks to let my incision heal. Ankle to be iced 45 minutes for every 1 hour I'm awak, and elevated any time I am not actively hobbling somewhere (because, hello? If you've seen my on crutches it is U.G.L.Y.)
  • A hard cast to my knee for three weeks. No weight bearing at all. Nurse claims that if I put any weight on it, it will break.. I'm thinking this could be kind of a fib, along the lines of dye in the pool will make pee turn colors.
  • Removal of first cast, MRI to check my foot.
  • Potential reapplication of second cast, if necessary
  • Physical therapy 3X per week for 3 - 6 weeks, goal of partial weightbearing at the end.
So, yeah. You know, obviously it's just my ankle, and obviously it could be WAY worse. It's temporary, it'll heal. I'm glad it's me and not one of the girls. I just wish I could like shack up in a nursing home for the duration because I hate asking my family and friends to do things for me. The one who really gets the shaft here is PB, of course. Now he'll have three (sometimes pissy, always feisty) women to take care of. Poor Guy.

More funny things heard

From the "I not" category (Lucy):

I not want to break it down.
I not freakin' out.
I not sullen.
I not want to calm down.

Other Lucy quotes:

You my friend, Mama! (and Papa, Lily, and Brooklyn)

Ridiculously mature usage from Lily:

That isn't on my head properly. (no really, word for word, I blame the recent Madeline obsession)
What flavor is this? (referring to her Blowpop, which was cherry, in case you're interested)

Freaky quotes from Lily:

Those black birds freak me out.
No, that would freak me out (referring to jumping off the diving board)

Real! Sentences! from Brooklyn:

No love you, mama (yes, that was her first four word sentence. Parenting fail!)
Love you mama (and Papa, Lily and Lucy)
Juice please, mama.
Where my shoes?
Not your shoes.
Mine!Mine!Mine (ok, so this really doesn't count as a sentence. But she says it. A LOT!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lily's maternal grandfather

Lily's uncle graduated from high school this weekend so we made the trip to her great grandparent's town which is about 90 minutes from where we live. The party was lovely, and Uncle M. was adorable - so proud of himself, just beaming.

M's dad (Lily's grandpa) showed up, though he wasn't expected. He at first ignored our presence, then totally lost it when Lily's aunt tried to introduce us. Fled to the restroom. Shied away from her as if she were a snake, visibly cringed when she was near him.

One of the most bizarre (non) interactions I've had in a long, long time.


Massive meltdown at drop off time today. No clue as to why. Luckily, she seemed fine when PB picked her up.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First visit with no tears!

At least no tears while we were there. A few close to moments, with a trembling chin, visible relief when we came to pick her up, but no tears.

Here's to small victories.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little out of left field, but...

Does anyone know what happened to Baggage (from Baggage that Goes with Mine and Baggage and Bug)? I keep clicking on the broken link and hoping that things are going well for them.

Just curious :-)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Trip to the zoo

We made a trek to the zoo yesterday. Highlights included: visit to a new exhibit, "brushing the goats" at the petting zoo, and riding the carousel.

Upon returning home, I took the girls outside to play and stationed myself in my hammock with a book (yes, my hammock!!). Lily came to the end of the hammock and started pretending it was the carousel, the post on the hammock stand was her microphone. Her instruction speech included:

"Welcome to merry round. Hold still."

Spins wheels on bottom of hammock stand, rocks my hammock a little bit.

"Thank you for coming to the zoo. Stay on merry round until it stops. Thank you for coming to the zoo."

Lucy was up next.

"Thanks zoo! Thanks merry round. Hold still."

Too cute.

Also, regarding visits: More of the same. She seems to be calming more during the actual visit time - books have been really helpful because they give them both something to focus on.

The latest drama has been rescheduling visits to accommodate Mom's job. C/W first suggested Saturdays from 4-6pm. Umm, no? We offered Sundays from 5 - 7pm as a weekend option. Caseworker respondents with 9am - noon Sunday morning. After a consultation with my c/w the answer was no again. We've settled on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings, which I hope, makes everyone happy.

As an aside, I really love Brooklyn's c/w - she's great. Not sure what this weekend thing was about, especially since Mom is new at her job and told PB she needed to work every weekend. Weird.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Missive from PB

PB just called to share a great quote from Lily.

The scene: they are heading outside to put clothes on the line. PB instructs them to get shoes on if they're coming outside. Predictably, Lily chooses her peep two yellow patent shoes (they are currently her VERY FAVORITE OF ANYTHING SHE OWNS. EVER).

Lucy grabs some pink foam sandals, which admittedly are not the cutest shoes.

Lily to Lucy "Lucy, those are embarassing."

Again, no idea where she gets it from :-)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What's up around here

More of the same :-)

The girls are spectacular - Lily is getting SO BIG! It's a little ridiculous how much a of a girl she is not, instead of a baby. That's a concept she's struggling with by the way... she thinks babies are somehow genderless, and that they grow up to be either little girls or little boys. She also seems to think that kids can change their genders... that at some point, boy babies can become little girls and vice-versa.

Lucy is quite literally the most amusing child I've ever laid eyes on. She has this adorable little voice and she comes up with some of the craziest things. She loves to make people laugh and yesterday in the car, she and Lucy literally discovered toilet humor. The funniest lines from Lucy (at least according to Lily) was "My name is Potty Toilet." Lily cackled so loudly that Lucy then experiemented with different pitches and emphasizing different syllables: "My name is Pot-TY Toi-LET." You get the picture.

Brooklyn said her first sentence last week - "I put shoes way." Yes, like our eldest Brooklyn is also obsessed with shoes. And no, I have no idea where she gets it from. Visits continue pretty much the way they have been. As soon as PB pulls into the parking lot, Brooklyn starts yelling, "No, no, no, no," but she is apparently calming down when he leaves. C/W also told me she is doing the hitchy breathing thing that I haven't heard since about a month or so after she came to us which confirms for me that it's anxiety related. Books seem to help so we're sending those to visits a lot.

And ending on a more humorous note, other choice lines from the girls:

"These shoes don't fit. I need to take them back." (Lily)
"Don't worry, Mama. Accidents happen." (Lily, upon hearing that I forgot my wallet and we had to go back to the house before getting Gr.A.e.t.ers)
"No, I want mine own." (Lucy, when asked if she liked to have a bit of her uncle's ice cream)