Monday, April 05, 2010

Things heard this weekend

I think I should change my blog title to something like "Random things my delightful children say." As that seems to be primarily what I'm writing about lately.

"Brooklyn took her shoes off. That's not cool, Papa." -- Lucy
"See the problem is, there is a lion in the living room. And I am going to throw my shoes at him." --Lily
"Pees. Gub You" -- Brooklyn (roughly translates to Please and Thank you)
"When I was a baby I lived with [Lily's firstmom's name]" --Lily (even though she didn't)

"Who is [cousin's kids] mama?"
"No. Who is [cousin's kids] OTHER mama?"
"[COUSIN]. He only has one mama."
--conversation between me and Lily

"Papa stays home with me now, Mama. When you going to stay home, too?" --Lily
"I love Brooklyn [Brooklyn's middle name] [Brooklyn's last name]" -- Lucy


Rebecca said...

So, what's the answer as to when you are going to stay home too? Funny... it'll be awhile before economics makes sense to her!

I'm not sure the proper thing to say. I like congrats as to PB's SAHD status (M. just told me this weekend). I'm very pleased for y'all and I'm super-thrilled a parent will be home during the summer - those kids are going to end up rather bummed once they go to school.

JUST A MOM said...

They grow up so fast. I love hearing READING the little things....