Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Damned MTV

I am totally addicted to these teen mom shows on MTV. Seriously. I keep watching the first days in the hospital and the instant bond between the moms and the babies and I worry for my girls. I hate that (especially Lily) missed out on that. She was alone for 9 days. And yeah, the nurses were nice and yeah, her physical needs were met, but a baby for nine days with no mom and dad? Hurts my heart to think of her like that.

Lucy's story is a bit different. We saw her 12 hours after she was born and one of us was there as constantly as the hospital would let us be. But still, her mom didn't hold her when she was born, because she wanted us to be the first to hold her. And even so, we weren't her parents, the ones who she knew without knowing.

In any event. I can't stop watching and just thinking about them, in the time before I knew them, in the time before I even knew Lily existed.

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JUST A MOM said...

Did you see the one ( I do not watch often BUT) the young couple from Michigan who gave their baby up for adoption to a couple they chose... NOW THAT ONE TORE ME UP!!!! it was VERY sweet!

know that even though you did not hold/know them before they were.. NOW is what counts.