Monday, March 22, 2010

Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness...

Lily thinks my boss (O) is the source of all bad things, apparently. Which is really funny because I love my (current) boss and I feel like I am treated more than fairly at work. But on at least three occasions, she's associate O with negative outcomes for me.

1) When I said that my work smelled like stinky boys - and it did, I have no idea why but it did - she said, "Hmm, probably O, huh, Mama?

2) When I told her the other day that I had a headache, she said, "Did O give you a headache, Mama?"

3) When I told her (yesterday) that she needed Aunt Rebecca to go with her because she might fall down the first time she went ice skating, she said, "You mean if people run into me?" And I said, "Well, maybe if people run into you, but you might just fall, too." Then she said, "Yeah, maybe O run into me."

Seriously, I have no idea why. It would make much more sense if she associated my major client at work with all bad things because I think I complain about him more than O. Who knows?

Speaking of work, Lucy came in the other day while I was listening to interviews on my phone, stood in the door way, planted her feet with her hands on her hips, and said, "Watcha doin' Mama?" in the cutest singsong voice I think I've ever heard. She also has an adorable way of saying, "That's a spicy meatball" that comes out more like, "That's a picy meatabulla." Yesterday, she actually called me a "Picy meatbulla" which was still funny, if slightly insulting.

And that is all. Quite a lovely weekend, girls party was a success. Oh and we had some pics taken on Friday.. **Sorry pics removed. Email me and I'll share them if I know you***


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Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! They're not babies anymore!!! Enjoy them.

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Rebecca said...

That is all about the cuteness.

And Cutie No. 1 needs to worry about hockey players running into her, not "O"... that is some funny stuff, but yeah, where did that come from, since he's pretty cool to work for from all accounts!