Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A bit of a mish mash...

First up, my kids are hysterical. Really.

Yesterday, when Lily took her pajamas off, I saw a bite mark on her back. I said, "Lily, who bit your back?" and Lucy said, "Lucy". PB: "Why did Lucy bite your back, Lily?" Lily: "Because I was sleepin' like an angel." No idea where she got that one.

The other day I asked Lucy, "Are you hungry? [at dinnertime]" Her reply: "No." Me, surprised, because Lucy is always hungry "Really?" Lucy, "I just kiddin' mama." She got that phrase from Lily, by the way. Also, when she is mad, Lucy's favorite phrase is "Leave my lone."

So yesterday was Lucy's SECOND birthday. It really, truly, seems impossible. I think she had a great day - birthday cake for breakfast (that's our birthday tradition, and like the only time I ever cook anything). My parents sent her balloons, which she LOVED. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant at her request. We also got a sweet birthday message for her first parents. Made me cry (in a good way!).

Brooklyn is doing SO great. We had an appointment at a program with the Board of Developmental delays last week where she was evaluated by a PT, OT and speech therapist, all of whom gave her rave reviews. I cannot believe the difference we've seen in such a short time. I really thought it would take much longer for her to catch up. She is (still) one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen and she is (finally!)starting to talk. She actually tried to say "my shoes" yesterday and also said "Mama" and "Dada" last weekend. Yay, Brooklyn!

Also attended Brooklyn's SAR yesterday. Will save details for another post, but it really looks like we will have a major decision to make within the next year or so.

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JUST A MOM said...

sounds like life is going on around you. I love hearing how they are doing... WOW 2 already man I am getting old!