Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ah, the life lessons we learn from MTV

So tonight I was watching "16 and Pregnant". That's right, I admit it. I watched it.

Lily was in bed, but as I was watching, she came into my room and said she wasn't tired and wanted to wait up for daddy (who was working late). I left her crawl in bed and she was SO obsessed with the pregnant lady that I left the show on.

Went pretty uneventful until the baby was actually born. Then she kept asking, "Why that baby sad?" and the baby was, you know, a baby with not really any perceptible emotion. So I just kept saying, "I don't think it's sad, baby, I think the baby is just tired."

Then, finally at the very end of the show, after we had seen the I'm-16-and-struggling-to-take-of-my-awesome-baby scenes, Lily said, "When she going to give her baby to the people, mama?" I wasn't really sure what she was asking, and then she said, "When't that baby going to get adopted?"

Of course, we talked about how not ALL babies, are adopted and in fact, most babies stay with their first mama. I told her I was super glad she was going to live with us forever, but that not all babies ended up with mamas who didn't carry them in their bodies.

The fact that she's processing these things so early amazes me.

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LBC said...

I think adoption is a pretty Big Concept for one Lily's age. It's amazing how she takes what she knows and applies it to what she sees. Plus, she's displaying empathy, which is super-bonus-awesome according to behavioral development. In the words of an article I read this week at U.S. News & World report "empathy for other people leads the list of qualities that people need to successfully handle relationships at school, at work, and in the family." Go, Lily!