Monday, March 22, 2010

Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness...

Lily thinks my boss (O) is the source of all bad things, apparently. Which is really funny because I love my (current) boss and I feel like I am treated more than fairly at work. But on at least three occasions, she's associate O with negative outcomes for me.

1) When I said that my work smelled like stinky boys - and it did, I have no idea why but it did - she said, "Hmm, probably O, huh, Mama?

2) When I told her the other day that I had a headache, she said, "Did O give you a headache, Mama?"

3) When I told her (yesterday) that she needed Aunt Rebecca to go with her because she might fall down the first time she went ice skating, she said, "You mean if people run into me?" And I said, "Well, maybe if people run into you, but you might just fall, too." Then she said, "Yeah, maybe O run into me."

Seriously, I have no idea why. It would make much more sense if she associated my major client at work with all bad things because I think I complain about him more than O. Who knows?

Speaking of work, Lucy came in the other day while I was listening to interviews on my phone, stood in the door way, planted her feet with her hands on her hips, and said, "Watcha doin' Mama?" in the cutest singsong voice I think I've ever heard. She also has an adorable way of saying, "That's a spicy meatball" that comes out more like, "That's a picy meatabulla." Yesterday, she actually called me a "Picy meatbulla" which was still funny, if slightly insulting.

And that is all. Quite a lovely weekend, girls party was a success. Oh and we had some pics taken on Friday.. **Sorry pics removed. Email me and I'll share them if I know you***

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So about Brooklyn

**Warning could trigger foster parents who would love nothing more than to adopt their foster children. I know because I was there once.***

Mom is in jail. She will probably be in jail for some period of time. The c/w says the clock will not stop running, so she is still working with the same 15 months that kids in this age range have before filing for permanency. Normally, I would have mixed feelings about this, but truthfully? Her mom had dropped way out of the picture even before this happened. It's been almost 4 months since she's seen Brooklyn and she just went to jail about 3 weeks ago.

So, there's that.

Brooklyn is doing great. She seems to be getting along with the girls, and they're doing pretty well with her. In the short time that she's been here, she has become
a part of our family, no question. I just really wasn't ready to start talking about making that permanent this soon, which is what happened last week when her c/w came out. And again at her Semi-Annual Review last this week.

Insane. I would have died for this to happen on Lily's case, where it was (IMHO) just as deserved. Now I feel *so* badly not being as overjoyed this time. It's not about Brooklyn at all - it's about having 3 kids going to prom at the same time, and driving at the same time, and god forbid, going to college at the same time. Having 3 kids (especially girls!!) within 15 months seems like a recipe for insanity.

But she's here and we love her and I think that transitioning to someone else would be problematic for her. And that makes me think that we should just do it.

But then I think that EVERY kid should have people begging to get to keep them and be overjoyed that they're joining their family. I'm sure there are families right now who would be over the moon if Brooklyn was theirs. So are we doing her a disservice by adopting her when we're not *that* family?

I don't know. I think the short term right answer for everyone is to adopt her. I think the long term right answer for her is to adopt her. So maybe that's enough?
Luckily, we don't have to adopt now, but there definitely seems to be a certain... inevitability to the whole thing. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A bit of a mish mash...

First up, my kids are hysterical. Really.

Yesterday, when Lily took her pajamas off, I saw a bite mark on her back. I said, "Lily, who bit your back?" and Lucy said, "Lucy". PB: "Why did Lucy bite your back, Lily?" Lily: "Because I was sleepin' like an angel." No idea where she got that one.

The other day I asked Lucy, "Are you hungry? [at dinnertime]" Her reply: "No." Me, surprised, because Lucy is always hungry "Really?" Lucy, "I just kiddin' mama." She got that phrase from Lily, by the way. Also, when she is mad, Lucy's favorite phrase is "Leave my lone."

So yesterday was Lucy's SECOND birthday. It really, truly, seems impossible. I think she had a great day - birthday cake for breakfast (that's our birthday tradition, and like the only time I ever cook anything). My parents sent her balloons, which she LOVED. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant at her request. We also got a sweet birthday message for her first parents. Made me cry (in a good way!).

Brooklyn is doing SO great. We had an appointment at a program with the Board of Developmental delays last week where she was evaluated by a PT, OT and speech therapist, all of whom gave her rave reviews. I cannot believe the difference we've seen in such a short time. I really thought it would take much longer for her to catch up. She is (still) one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen and she is (finally!)starting to talk. She actually tried to say "my shoes" yesterday and also said "Mama" and "Dada" last weekend. Yay, Brooklyn!

Also attended Brooklyn's SAR yesterday. Will save details for another post, but it really looks like we will have a major decision to make within the next year or so.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ah, the life lessons we learn from MTV

So tonight I was watching "16 and Pregnant". That's right, I admit it. I watched it.

Lily was in bed, but as I was watching, she came into my room and said she wasn't tired and wanted to wait up for daddy (who was working late). I left her crawl in bed and she was SO obsessed with the pregnant lady that I left the show on.

Went pretty uneventful until the baby was actually born. Then she kept asking, "Why that baby sad?" and the baby was, you know, a baby with not really any perceptible emotion. So I just kept saying, "I don't think it's sad, baby, I think the baby is just tired."

Then, finally at the very end of the show, after we had seen the I'm-16-and-struggling-to-take-of-my-awesome-baby scenes, Lily said, "When she going to give her baby to the people, mama?" I wasn't really sure what she was asking, and then she said, "When't that baby going to get adopted?"

Of course, we talked about how not ALL babies, are adopted and in fact, most babies stay with their first mama. I told her I was super glad she was going to live with us forever, but that not all babies ended up with mamas who didn't carry them in their bodies.

The fact that she's processing these things so early amazes me.