Thursday, February 11, 2010

True story....

So last night, I was driving our one car that would actually get us to and from work in the snow (oh Scion, how I love you, how you are totally and completely worthless in any bad weather).

So anyway, I was leaving work last night to go pick up my dear PB. As I got to the end of my alley I saw nasty pile of snow. I tried to stop before hitting it, ended up stopping in the middle of hitting it and stalled my car.

Well that sucks, but it's fixable, right? I tried rocking, didn't work. Got out of the car and tried to kick some snow in front of the tires to give it more traction. Saw that one of the wheels was still spinning and thought, "Shit. I left the car in gear." Tried to jump back in to put it in park and...

the fucking door was locked. Yep. Locked. So my car is stuck in snowbank, in gear, and I'm locked out of it. But this story gets better. You see, I hate to drive with my coat on, so guess what was inside the car? My coat. And guess what was in my coat pocket? My cell phone. And my office keys.


Thanks to some uberhelpful accountants in the building next door, I was able to get a tow truck to come unlock my car and pull me out of the snow drifts. By the way, the cops? Not so helpful. EVEN THOUGH MY CAR WAS IN GEAR AND I WAS LOCKED OUT OF IT, MEANING NO ONE WAS DRIVING IT.

The best part of the story? The grizzled truck driver who came to my rescue, gets out of the car with a Marlboro Red dangling out his mouth, tosses it in the snow, and says, "Man you've really got it buried." Umm, yeah, thanks. After pulling me out, he said, "Now on your receipt I just wrote $60.00 for tow. You can turn it in to your insurance, but don't mention the lock out and getting stuck in the snow. They'll think you're an idiot and won't pay the claim."

He's probably right on both counts. The being an idiot part and the not paying the claim part.


Innocent Observer said...

I'm sorry, but I really appreciated the laugh. I can't imagine how stressful that must have been!

Deborah said...

That was hilarious! Poor Amanda. I am glad the tow truck driver helped you out with that.

JUST A MOM said...