Monday, February 15, 2010

Things we've been talking (and thinking) about lately

So let's start with some heavy adoption talk. Last week, out of the blue, Lily said, "When I was little baby you and Papa weren't there and I was sad." I think this stems from the fact that we have been telling her "story" more recently as she has become obsessed about talking about when she was little. However, I don't remember ever telling her that we weren't there when she was tiny, though it's possible that she overheard us talking about it at some point.

So this led to another rehearsal of the very basics of her adoption story, including the names of her first parents. She then said, "Does Lucy have an M. (M being her firstmom's first initial)?" We told her she did and told her their names and then she said, "And when Lucy was little you weren't there and she was sad?". This got a bit tricky because although their adoption stories are very parallel, this part is very divergent. Lily was alone at the hospital for 9 days with no visitors for the majority of the time. Lucy, on the other hand, had someone with her nearly 24 / 7 in the hospital (either me, PB, her first mom or her first dad). So we had to talk about how Lucy wasn't really alone and we didn't know if she was sad...

Who would've thought we'd be having these conversations at less than 3 years of age?

Then, the next day, Lily said, "We've had Brooklyn for a few while, Mama." And I said that yes, we had. "She doesn't visit her Mama anymore." Nope, she doesn't. "That's sad." Yes, honey it is and we hope that her mom will get better soon and be able to see her.

And that was it. Just an interesting couple of days.

And on a lighter note, some cute things have popped up recently:

"Somebody smells like Bit-O-Honey" - Lily, after I lotioned up Brooklyn with some Carole's daughter Almond Souffle.

"I wanna try that" - Lily, after watching women's moguls
"I wanna try that" - Lily, after watching ice dancing

Lucy has also counted to 10, and knows all her ABC's.

Brooklyn's mom did show up to court, surprisingly enough. She said she would call the c/w that afternoon and set up visits and was even discussing times with me. Then, she never called. C/w finally tracked her down and set up a meeting, which she missed the first time. She showed up the second time so they were ready to restart visits this week, but now no one has been able to reach Mom to tell her when and where visits will be.



Angie said...

Hello! My name is Angie and i wanted to tell you that you have inspired me! Please read my post for today!!

J-momma said...

this probably sounds crazy but i wish mateo would start that kind of talk. i know i will regret that when he does, but he doesn't really get much of it right now. we talk about adoption but i don't know if he understands it. at least if he was asking then i'd know he understood, or was starting to. oh well. one day i'll eat my words i'm sure.

JUST A MOM said...

I have always liked odd numbers.

Amanda said...

Not crazy at all, J-momma. I welcome these conversations, believe me, it's just earlier than I thought we would be having them :-)

Rebecca said...

Well, I ski in addition to skate, so if she wants to try skiing in the next couple of years...