Monday, January 11, 2010

Anybody still out there?

If so, I'm sorry.

This is the longest I've gone without posting since I started my blog. I guess I could attribute it to 1) the added chaos of a third child - I mean really, who knew? 2) the added chaos of my job which is getting crazier by the second - Again, really, who knew? and 3) the holidays - during which time i visited a lot, got to hang out with two of my dearest friends a little and did not mail the cards and pictures I bought. Awesome.

So, where were we? Let's just do updates, shall we?

Me: I recovered from the big horrible, bad work fuck up. Mostly. Am paranoid as shit about doing it again, which is probably a good thing. Have been converted to a believe in better living through chemistry. Ahem. And am settling into a groove, I think.

PB: Great, laid back and uber-supportive. An all around too good partner that I don't really deserve but who makes me believe in karma. As in I did something amazingly good to deserve getting him this go around.

Lily: Also, great. Almost three!!! Very busy. She loves tumbling, the new indoor trampoline and princesses, all things princess.

Lucy: Yeah, I'll go with great here as well. Almost two, talking like mad. I don't even know how I got two kids who are so freaking verbal (and the fact that PB has to live with us and my aforementioned belief karma make me wonder what the hell he did in a former life, but I digress). She just learned how to crawl out of her crib last Thursday - and we knew this because she knocked on our bedroom door, said "I wake" and when I answered the door, she beamed at me and said "I outta my cib momma". Yeah, pretty adorable.

Brooklyn: Also great. Has made tremendous strides in the last 3.5 months and we're SO proud of her. She's walking, trying really hard to talk without too much success, has gained pounds and is beginning to throw some serious tantrums. Which pretty much sucks, but I think it ultimately actually a good sign.

As for Brooklyn's case, well, her mom had been pretty consistent about visiting, and even had me halfway convinced for a while that it was a big misunderstanding. Turns out not so much. Let's put it mildly by saying she has made some really terrible life decisions in the last month and hasn't seen Brooklyn at all during that time. Really not sure where this case is headed, but pretty sure we might be facing a major decision in the next year. One that, honestly, I'm not that excited about making.

So what about you? If there is a you to speak of anymore?


Deborah said...

Still here! I very rarely take people off my reader, even when they're not posting. So hey, whenever you want to update, I'm here. Glad to hear your girls are well, and I hope the work situation is improving.

J-momma said...

i'm still here! good to hear you guys are hanging in there. i can't imagine three as young as yours so i totally understand why you haven't posted. most of mine lately are pretty half-assed. i just don't have the brain cells left to come up with any coherent thoughts. look forward to reading more.

ktdid said...

So glad your back! Been checking on you. We are once again waiting for a baby to come into care. Have had a couple calls but no babies actually came.

JUST A MOM said...

hey you DO BREATHE,,,,, well if ya stop by I have not posted much either.... I stop by to see if you have and then get a bit disapointed when you did not. Single/KINDA working fulltime.... living life still kickin that I think is a good thing..

also the update from you is a good thing,,, keep haning in there.

Heather said...

I'm still here! Thank goodness for feed readers. :)

TeamWinks said...

I'm here! Thanks for the update!