Sunday, April 26, 2009

Q & A Part 1

So I am going to answer the questions I invited you all to submit. Here's installment one.

Silje asks:

Your favourite thing in the spring?

My favorite thing in spring is the weather isn't ass hot like it is here in Summer and it's not icy cold like it is here in Winter. Also, spring feels... cheerful... to me for some reason.

What makes you feel that finally spring has sprung? 

Tulips. My grandma LOVED tulips when she was alive and I always think of Spring (and her) when I see tulips sprout.

Easter traditions? 

Pretty mundane - we color and hide easter eggs, and we do the bunny brings candy thing. Lily colored eggs for the first time this year... that was an... experience. Let's just say she thought the best way to color eggs was to color everything (and everyone) within a 6 inch radius of the egg :-)

What the kids are up to?

Ooooh, thanks for asking. I never get tired of talking about my kids :-)  They are, simply put, amazing. Lily still  mostly amazes me with the way she talks - she is genuinely intersted in having conversations now, and will chime into the middle of our conversations, just to be involved.

The funniest thing she has said / done in a while involved our neighbors and their trampoline. Lily has, not suprisingly, been obsessed with birthdays lately. We had a small party for Lucy on her first at my parents, because we wanted her to have something on her own for her first birthday. Then we had a joint party for both of them closer to Lily's birthday, and in between, we had visits from different family and friends who didn't make it to either party for whatever reason. To shorten this up, March was pretty much a birthday-stravaganza for the girls.

So anyway, we have been having a lot of conversations about birthdays. Lily wants her birthday to be everyday and was very disappointed that it was a long, long time away. So then we talked about other people, and when they're birthdays were and finally made it to the fact that PB's birthday is the next one we'll celebrate (at the beginning of June).

A couple of days after this conversation about birthdays, we were outside and our neighbor's were jumping on their trampoline. Here's roughly how our conversation went.

Lily: Girrrls, mama, girrls on tramp-lean!

Me: Yes, the girls are on their trampoline.

Lily: Iyunt (i.e. I want) a tramp-lean.

Me: Ok. But I don't think we're getting one.

Lily: Tramp-lean my birthday, mama?

Me: No, you are probably not getting a trampoline for your birthday, baby, because you are not old enough for one. Besides, your birthday is a long, long time away.

Lily (with a devilish little grin): Tramp-lean Daddy's birthday, mama?

I have to admit, I laughed out loud at this one. Heartily.

Lucy is holding her own in the language department. She uses mama and daddy mostly appropriately, and also says "Up" fairly clearly. She is very into saying "Puppy" and oddle enough seems to attach it only to dogs. 

It is so funny to watch the two of them together. They usually play pretty well together, though unprompted hitting, biting and toy snatching occur on a fairly regular basis. The thing that I adore is watching Lucy try to do *everything* Lily does. This morning, after I shamelessly bribed Lily with candy to let me do her hair, Lucy jumped up into the chair as soon as Lucy was done and started gesturing to her hair. Too cute.

I'll do more Q & A soon. Thanks to anyone who is still out there reading :-)


On Saturday, the girls had their 1 and 2 year well baby checks. They were a month overdue. Here are the stats:

Lily @ 25 months: 27 lbs exactly. Yes that's up 5 lbs from her 18 month well baby. And, wait for it, we are now in the 50 - 75Tth percentile for weight!!!! Yay. At 32 inches tall, she's still short, but we're not complaining :-)

Lucy @ 13 months is 20lbs, 2oz and 28 inches long. She is at almost exactly the same percentile for age as Lily.

The exam was not a fun one. Lily got a shot and a blood draw, and Lucy got four shots and a blood draw. We left with two very unhappy children.

But they recovered quickly. It's a miracle what dum dums and a nap will do.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I do not = the awesome

It's been soooo long since I posted. We are all fine. We survived the birthday parties, including the first time that Lily's paternal biofamily and her maternal biofamily met, so that's a milestone, eh?

In the event that anyone is still reading this thing, I'd like to throw it out to you guys. Do you have any questions for me? Anything you want to hear. Like a lot of bloggers (it seems) I am struggling to come up with things to write about.

Fire away!