Monday, October 19, 2009

Questions to ask when you get a placement call

Crayon just posted a comment asking for advice on what to ask during a placement call... I think I remember someone else writing a post about this, but I couldn't find it with a cursory glance, so I'll try to cobble something together.

I should preface this by saying, I am a sucker for placement calls. I have a *really* hard time turning down placements, unless they are something we're clearly not equipped to handle (like large sibling groups, or massive medical needs). But, when I manage to take a step back and think, here are some things I normally ask:

1. Has the child been in care before?
2. Does the child have siblings? Are they in care and if so, with who (i.e. a foster parent, or a relative or what)?
3. Are there any known medical issues? Any known issues with food?
4. Is there any indication that the child could be violent with other children, family pets, etc...
5. If the case is drug related, I ask if the parents have a history of substance abuse and if so, how long.

And that's really about it. Like I said, I am a sucker. I don't even always ask all of these questions, obviously some of them don't apply to younger kids and sometimes they don't apply to every situation.

So, chime in here... what other questions do you ask when you get a placement call?


Snarky Mom said...

I did a whole post with a complete list of questions that I always asked when I got a placement call.

I was such a sucker for placement calls too that without the list I would have been the little old lady living in the shoe with a million kids.

Susan said...

I'll try to find the post I did on this a while back.

Foster Ima said...

I was going to recommend that you check out Snarky Mom's blog, but she beat me to it :-)

BREAKING NEWS! You've won an award! Stop by my blog to pick it up.