Friday, October 16, 2009

Hmmm... how about an update?

So... Day started off with a bang, PB took Brooklyn for a visit with her mom. Which she didn't show up to, or call to say she wasn't coming until the time when it would be halfway over. Awesome.

Picked her up at PB's office and took her to a follow up app't. Went very well, she's gained FOUR POUNDS or MORE THAN 20% of her body weight when she came into care) AND the medical issue that was due to neglect is gone. Still concerned about her verbal and gross motor development, but she's definitely brightened up since she got here and is at least trying to play and explore.

Took Lily and Lucy to their gymnastics class, which can I just say they freaking adore? Especially Lily. Too cute.

Then went to work where it all went downhill. You can still love the job but hate the freaking client, right? Cause that's about where I am right now. Fun, fun, fun.

Not really sure where Brooklyn's case is headed. Mom has been pretty consistent with visits up until now, and I vaccilate between wanting to believe her probably totally false story about how Brooklyn came into care and not buying a cent of it. Brooklyn is clearly bonded to her Dad (who isn't her biological Dad but is in every other sense of the word). Just don't know what to think yet.

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