Thursday, September 03, 2009

What I love right this minute

The way that Lucy says "OUCH", indignantly, whenever the slightest thing touches her, kisses included.

The way Lucy says "mama hit me" or "papa hit me" or "puppy hit me" whenever any person or animal touches her (again kisses included).

The way Lucy bounces, and skips and hops when she hears music. She can't not dance, people.

The way Lucy says "I no can't find it" or "I no can't see it".

The way Lily's first reaction is automatically no, even when she means yes - I know it's a phase, but it's so cute to see her do it the same way Lily did she she was little.

The way Lily smiles. She's so cheerful and adorable, that kid.

The way Lily peeks into our bedroom, opening the door just a crack, after she's supposed to be in bed for the night.

The way Lily said, last week, after aforementioned peeking, "Wathca doin' in there, guys?" and, for the record, we were watching TV :-)

The way I taught Lily to say "bring it on" last night. And she extended it to "Bring it on, kiddos"

The way Lily wants to drive our car, and tries to put a key (any key) into the ignition.

The way Lily takes great delight in hiding under blankets

The face Lily makes when she is pretending to be mad (which I think is the same one I make when I am pretending to be mad)

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JUST A MOM said...

and teh best part has only started,,,,,,,