Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we go again

On Sunday night at 10:30, we got our first placement call in just a little over 2 years - since Lily came to us.

I am a placement call sucker, so despite the fact that we have two daughters 2 1/2 and under (both of whom are still in diapers) we are now the proud foster parents of a 14-month old girl, whose blog name will be Brooklyn.

She is flippin' adorable people, and she looks enough like my Lucy that she could be her sister.

Even though this is *so* NOT the direction I want this case to go. And by that I mean permanency with me. From the little information I've heard so far though, permanency with someone other than her biomom definitely sounds like a good idea.

The details:

14 months, 4 months (to the day!) younger than Lucy
Does not walk or talk yet
Can shakily pull to stand
Just under 18lbs (so tiny!)
Seems to have not been to a doctor since January (when she would have been 6 mos)
Older brother in care with an aunt, who was called to take Brooklyn but said sibling is too high needs
My first trip to intake at 11:30 at night - I think that officially makes me a veteran


Deborah said...

Wow. Just when you think things are going to settle down...

Brenda said...

I guess congratulations are in order. I'm sure she is about as adorable as they come. By the way, my daughter, Lindsay, didn't walk or talk very good until she was about 15 months old and now her IQ is so high it is literally unmeasurable. She is the type of person who concentrates on one thing only at a time in order to succeed. She practiced riding a bike, tying her shoes, reading, etc. until she had it down pat. Then, and only then, would she move on to the next thing. So, was I a "bad" bio mom for her not walking/talking at a certain age? No, I wasn't. Every child has his own style of learning. Kids walk and talk regardless of abuse/neglect as it's inherent to us as humans. Since I don't know the circumstances regarding her removal, I do know that it's in YOUR best interest and in the best interest of Brooklyn NOT to believe every word that comes out of the social worker's mouth. They're corrupt and they lie. Don't allow yourself OR Brooklyn to get caught up in that because if you do, then you're just as corrupt as they are. Be a part of the solution here, not a part of the problem. I doubt you'll print this and if you do, I'm sure you'll have something not so nice to say to me and that's fine. Yes, I'm a parental rights advocate. However, I'm not stupid nor am I naive. I know there are rare cases when CPS gets things right. I have no idea here what is best but what I do have is an open mind. I'll form my own opinion. I hope you do the same.

JUST A MOM said...

just have fun

Crayon said...

Do you have any suggestions on questions to ask when you get a call for placement?

Crayon said...

Btw, my CAT is over 18 lbs...