Monday, September 21, 2009

First Visit

One visit down. Brooklyn's mom seemed very happy to see her and was very emotional.

Brooklyn went to her mom easily. She wasn't happy to see her, exactly, but she definitely wasn't afraid of her, which is good. At the end of the visit, she came back to me easily, which is also good, if we're going to have her for a while.

Too early to know what's going on, really. Mom was pleasant and I assured her that we were taking good care of Brooklyn. I know that doesn't make things better or easier for Mom, but I hope that at least she won't worry about what kind of people we are, specifically.

At the end of the visit Brooklyn had lice. AWESOME! Lily and Lucy didn't have them yet, and Brooklyn didn't have them at intake so I suspect they came from the visit room. I HATE the facilities where they do visits - they're gross.

Brooklyn seemed to settle in more this weekend. She is much more open to other people holding her and seems to have realized that we will be nice to her. I still hate that she came into care at this age, but hopefully with enough consistency she will start to trust us.

No word yet from Brooklyn's c/w. Was supposed to set up a time to come out Thursday and Friday, but couldn't swing it. Left a msg Friday saying she wanted to come out today. I left her a vm this morning with my work number to call, and have heard nothing. Shocker.


Susan said...

One of my babies got head lice from either the county transport carseat or from the visit facility. I send my own carseat now and if I do visits I do them at the library. So gross!

Greegor47 said...

How would you feel if you were the parent and had to visit your kid in a visit room that was such a pesthole?

Imagine being criticized for little things by CPS and then finding out that thay can do no better themselves.

CPS forms a big attitude if your child has head lice which they might have picked up that same
day at school.