Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What will we do next?

It's been over two years now since we got a placement call from our agency.

That's a long time to go without even being asked if we wanted another placement. There are a lot of reasons. First, we take kids 0 - 5 and that's the group that is most well-covered by our agency. Second, our county is piloting a new program that frontloads services to families and does less removals. Third, we have (until very recently) had two children under two, which I think is a deterrent to place with us.

With all of this in mind, we've been talking (read: PB and I have had brief conversations which I obsess about) about what to do regarding foster care. I would really like to keep doing it, it's always been our plan, but the motivation to keep up on our home studies and inspections and classes is hard to maintain when it doesn't seem like there is a need for us.

We've talked about switching to a private agency, but those tend to be geared more toward families where at least one parent is at home full-time. Plus, most private agencies place through our county, so the number of placements likely won't be any higher in our age group. We've also thought about switching to a neighboring county (where PB and I are both from and where my sister and BIL are currently getting licensed!!) but that becomes a logistical nightmare. The upside there is they do seem to need homes for younger kids more often - well, that's not an upside, but it would make us a better fit.

The final option is switching to older kids, especially teens, and more specifically teen moms. Not as scary as it might have been a few years and tempting, but I'm just not sure we're cut out for it, schedule-wise... J. watches the kids at our house, but it would be a lot to ask her to help with appointments and transportation for a teen, who's likely to have more out of home services.

I don't know. Maybe it's not realistic for us to do care if we both work full time. Our pseudo-plan was to have PB quit his job eventually, but he actually seems to like this job, it has great benefits, and to be perfectly honest? We need the money.

So that's where we are. A lot is up in the air right now.

Oh, and an update on Lily's case... we heard from the subsidy department who is playing nice with us this time around, but we can't get them to return our calls to set a time to do the paperwork. We're ready to file a court date on our end, but have to get that cleared up first. The wheels turn slowly.


JUST A MOM said...

when in dought,,, DO NOTHING!

MyLinda said...

Hmm funny, we are at the same crossroads. We haven't had a placement since 10/08 and I'm just tired of keeping up with all the training, etc. if for nothing. I'm about 90% sure that we'll let our license go in August. I'll always be greatful to our time as a foster family...the babies we got to love (and then grieve the loss of) but most importantly for our youngest daughter.

Dream Mommy said...

If you get the right teenagers, they are helpful with the little ones. I have two teenage foster sons and they are great with the babies. The trick with teenagers: agree to take one for a night and see what happens. You're usually under no commitment and all 3 teenagers we've had so far were great.

If you can't make a decision, keep updated on fostering. It's a lot harder to start all over from the beginning.

J-momma said...

tough decisions. i like the previous posters advice of do nothing. that's what we do when we are at a crossroads. it's been going on forever for us about moving. we can't decide on timing, place, sell vs rent, etc. so here we are, same place as we've been. but i believe the right answer will pop out at us when it's the right time.

Susan said...

The county next to ours is pretty desperate for foster homes so they will place kids in our county homes (when they are willing to take them)if need be. We can call their placement specialist and list our home as available. The medical card is state insurance so it's no problem to have the kids see a doc in our county. They will often transport kids for once monthly visits and work with us here to pay for services the kids need. Most of the early intervention programs are state sponsored and serviced based on the child's address so that works out OK. The biggest issue is if you go to court, it is over an hour away, also their caseworkers are so overworked that you can't reach them. I don't know if the other county you are thinking of might take your license now if they are in need of homes.

I'm sure you needed another option to think about!