Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Saturday, the girls had their 1 and 2 year well baby checks. They were a month overdue. Here are the stats:

Lily @ 25 months: 27 lbs exactly. Yes that's up 5 lbs from her 18 month well baby. And, wait for it, we are now in the 50 - 75Tth percentile for weight!!!! Yay. At 32 inches tall, she's still short, but we're not complaining :-)

Lucy @ 13 months is 20lbs, 2oz and 28 inches long. She is at almost exactly the same percentile for age as Lily.

The exam was not a fun one. Lily got a shot and a blood draw, and Lucy got four shots and a blood draw. We left with two very unhappy children.

But they recovered quickly. It's a miracle what dum dums and a nap will do.


JUST A MOM said...

good to hear all is well!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the answers. Looking forward to the other installments.