Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few more choice quotes from Lily

  • I haven, Daddy. I haven - said while jumping up and down as fast as possible on a bench seat in a restaurant, in response to said Daddy's command to "Behave if you want to go to the playground."
  • Buckle, Mama. Buckle. Buckle Mama, too - yes I am already being nagged to wear my seltbelt. At age ~2. And yes, she is fond of repetition and inserting our names in between repeats.
  • I poop on bed - she didn't, and I have no idea why she claimed she did.
  • Cookie Monster scare me - regarding some weird dancing cookie monster that PB's parents bought her. My response? "Me too, baby, me too."


Steph said...

after a potentially crappy day, these little blurbs put a much needed smile on my face.

Rebecca said...

"I poop on bed - she didn't, and I have no idea why she claimed she did."

Maybe she passed gas and was reporting it. Does she know "fart" yet? :-)

Tamara said...

Oh yeah, that laughing Cookie Monster thing scared the CRAP outta Mia when a loving aunt gave it to her. She refused to go near it and cried whenever her aunt decided to make it do it's thing. It had to go away. ;)

Dream Mommy said...

I had a little girl who claimed to poop when she didn't. It was a "I don't wanna stay in bed stunt."

Amy said...

Oh, I totally understand the CM pain - someone gave Ava a TMX Cookie Monster for her birthday. She went screaming from the room the first time she saw it and gives it a wide berth if she has to go by it now.

Methinks it will be headed to Goodwill this week.