Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're matched....

we had our official "match" meeting for Lily today. It was a low key affair since we were the only family considered, given our bond to Lily and that she has been with us since birth.

We did get some questions answered and it seems like they are trying to rush the process through. I guess that means it will happen in what? December? JK - should be sooner than that.

Lucy has *6* teeth now. Her front top teeth and two more bottom incisors appeared almost simultaneously. It's been a long couple of weeks for her, poor thing. Oh yeah, and last week, she started climbing up stairs. AWESOME.

Cute Lilyism's too share: She likes to call people crazy (like me). She told her cousin she was a crazy girl last night. She told me I was a crazy mama, too (which I am).

She also noticed a light was burnt out at Ba.ja. Fr.esh and said, "Batty dead, mama" which is Lily speak for Batteries Dead (i.e. not working) which we tell her about all her crazy, loud, lighty up toys.

On the less fortunate side she called a random stranger "Poopy butt boy" at a store two days ago, which PB thought was really funny. 


JUST A MOM said...


and congrads!!!!!

Steph said...

congrats! you're winning the battle (even if it's sooo not pc to call it that, but foster care is a total battle)~