Friday, February 27, 2009

She sorts!

I found out, quite accidentally, that Lily can sort! We were at the table this morning before I left for work, and J. said, "Hey Lily, can you find another clip that looks like this?" while she was holding up a purple hair clip. Before long, she had sorted all the hair clips by color. I don't know why this one seemed so cool - pattern recognition is important for lots of stuff, so I'm just excited for her.

She's also got the memory of a frickin' elephant, I swear. Every time she walks past the slider in our dining room, she tells me the story (that happened about 10 days ago) of how she "boomed on her butt" and fell and "I cried, Mama". Each time she tells it, she gets a sad little look on her face.  She also tells me constantly that her cousin S. is "cwazy girl at the window" because apparently, when she visited two weeks ago, S. was acting silly with some of her friends when they picked her up at school.

I keep telling PB that eventually she will hold a grudge like nobody's business. Who says that nurture doesn't matter?

Other cute Lilyisms:
  • What time is it? "Eight Ocwock" that's the answer any time and every time.
  • "Lucy upstairs self, Mama" - she is obsessed with tracking her every movement now that she's mobile.
  • "I want some sear-re-ral, mama." "sear-re-ral NOW... please?
  • NOT, mama. NOT. - in response to pretty much anything I ask / tell / attempt to cajole her to do.

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Amy said...

Too cute. I love that she says 'cwock' because Ava is currently not allowed to say that word. Unfortunately she leaves out the 'l' sound in any form or fashion so it sounds somewhat x-rated when she tries.