Friday, February 20, 2009

I have not chimed in until now...

Because in the end, it's not my business how many babies a woman decides to have, regardless of her decision making and likely mental state.

However, this quote from her father on Oprah:

"I say to everybody now: People, we do need help. Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

is what drives me the craziest about women who have ridiculously large numbers of babies all at one time.

To be clear: while one might consider all children a gift from God in the loosest sense of the world, I think he'd be pretty pissed to be accused of having anyting to do with Octomom's latest foray into parenting.

It's like women who knowingly implant a lot of embryos and then say it's God's decision how many survive. Really, if God is in control and that's why you can't selectively reduce, then God is also in control when you can't have your singleton and that's why you shouldn't do fertility treatments. A moral objection to selective reduction is one thing. Claiming that having 8 babies in one uterus is God's will is an entirely different thing.

Just sayin'.


ktdid said...

I could not agree with you more. I HATE when I hear women say "oh God meant me to have this litter of kids so pay up people" Seriously, God meant for ME to not have biological children which, you know, is why I have never had any. What He did do was give me the talent of being a good mother and the knowledge to know how to be one. I have two adopted and one foster and have never been happier or love two little guys more than my kids. That is how God intended it to be.

cocokrispybeans said...

Yeah. I'm really struggling with this woman, even more than I do with Jon & Kate or the Duggars.

She already has 3 special needs children. The odds are that at least one and probably two or more of the octuplets will have special needs, and all of them will require some level of intervention.

I am fully on board with supporting the children; I just question the choices that led up to their birth.

I am also really unhappy that Nadya was even considered as a candidate for IVF or any infertility treatment at all considering her precarious situation. Unplanned pregnancy is one thing.

Impregnanting oneself thru ART with multiple embryos, as a single mother, when one's parents are already being required to support one's SIX other children is quite another.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister.


Rebecca said...

I've not chimed in until now because I can't say anything other than leave God out of this. This wasn't God. It was big pharmaceuticals! (and an unethical MD, to be fair).