Sunday, January 11, 2009

Language development

So Lily talks nonstop now, which is really cool and fun. You know, especially when said talking involves multiple "No way, mama"'s and "I pooped"s. But this post is about some verbal mistakes that I think are adorable. To wit:
  • Our dog, Gibson, is is referred to alternately as "Gyspum" or "Gibsmum"
  • She calls syrup "sirpup"
  • Because we visit one Mexican restaurant WAY TOO often, she uses "diya" for quesadilla.
  • Oh, and today she thought one of the waiters was named "Hola" because he said Hola to her and we kept trying to get her to say it back. Everytime he left our table, she'd say "Where's Hola?"
  • She adds an a or ia ending onto any words that she uses to address others, like Mamia, Paaia, Grammia, Grampia, and "Lucy's real name"-ia.  

The first four are just cute pronunciation things. But the last one, I think could potentially be her puzzling through the relationship between her nickname (which ends with an ie sound) and her full name (which ends with an ia). I think maybe she is "formalizing" everyone's name by adding an ia sound to the end.

Or I could be making way too much of nothing. In any event, like a lot of things she does, it's damned cute.


Anonymous said...

Funny! Two words I remember our kids saying were Hang a bur = hamburger, and back is ball = basketball. Oh, and hos ipull for hospital.


J-momma said...

hey, i'm glad to have found your blog. i haven't seen many foster/adopt blogs out there! i'll be checking in, if you don't mind. thanks for visiting mine!