Friday, January 09, 2009

Cruisin... and miscellany

and not like that terrible song from Duets.

Lucy cruised for the first time tonight... in the bathtub! She is also talking MUCH more now - still not real words except to mimic. She's also starting to be angry for the first time. While she used to get sad when she was bothered by something, now she curls up her little fists and screams until her face turns red. It's actually kind of funny because she does it when nothing serious is wrong - if she's really, truly upset about something, she still falls back on sad.

Lily learned the word "lost" today. She keeps telling us her binky is lost. She also is a big fan of Wii apparently - today she said, "I play wii. I wii, Mama".

Things are good around Chez Psychic - still on track to finalize Lucy's adoption next week. Lily's adoption worker visited for the first time today and says their goal is to finalize by end of March.

We also had a lovely visit with Lily's extended birthfamily on her dad's side. They are very sweet people and it's amazing how natural it is to interact with them. A good time was had by all!

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