Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucy is waving

Title is pretty much self explanatory. She is also starting to do the cutest scrunched up face smile... I think it's her first intentional smile that is not in reaction to something / someone - a smile that's supposed to woe us, which it pretty much does.

I don't have a height or weight update. Lucy is almost never sick so I generally only have to take her in for well baby checks. It feels like we were at the doctor every other week for Lily, for eating stuff and also ear infections, so I guess this is just another way they are opposites.

We had pictures done today. Not the greatest, but I think we are officially at that age (for Lily at least). There were some quite adorable ones of Lucy though.

Nothing much else to report around these parts. We did get the official letter from legal indicating they filed for PCC on Lily for the upcoming hearing. More on that in mid-December.


JUST A MOM said...

enjoy them while you can!!!!!!!! they grow so fast

Anonymous said...

Yay! The PCC req is filed!