Monday, November 24, 2008

I can't even see straight

That's how angry I am. PB's parents are at it again. We've been dealing with their shit for the past couple of weeks, and it looks like now they are at their passive-aggressive best, refusing to take PB's phone calls.

All of it started with an incredibly offensive email she-who-shall-not-be-named sent to PB. I don't want to get into the details, but suffice it to say that Jacob felt like it was an affront to our entire family, and in typical assy fashion, she responded with anger when her called her on it. Things went downhill from there, with PB's dad eventually chiming in with an almost equally offensive email, and then finally me entering the fray, with an email of my own basically sticking up for PB and telling them that 1) he had made his boundaries clear 2) they could decide whether or not to live by them and 3) I fully supported him and our family.

And now, despite him sending a reasonable, olive-branchy email and calling them several times, they have not bothered to respond at all. I don't know if it means they aren't interested in living with the boundaries he's set or if it's just more assiness, but it sure would be nice if we could find out.

Happy holidays, eh?


JUST A MOM said...

MY DEAR,,, FAMILIES SUCK!!!!!1 all you need ot do if figure out YOUR little family, let the outside world go... enjoy your daughters and husband live your life to hte fullest CAUSE IF the world ended today it is thsoe people who matter the most!

Hang in there!!!!!! do NOT let them take YOUR breath away.

JUST A MOM said...

wow I suck at spelling huh sorry,,,,, see ya.. have a great day ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as though they have chosen to live OUTSIDE your boundaries (at least until they cool off). Barb