Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Milestones everywhere

On Sunday, Lucy used her spoon to feed herself mashed potatoes for the first time. Mind you, mashed potatoes is the only food she can successfully get to her mouth, but she doesn't really get that yet, poor thing. Makes feeding her interesting, since she now insists on grabbing the spoon regardless of what she's eating.

Also on Sunday (big day!!) I got my first unsolicited hug and kiss from Lily. Too sweet. I was putting on her shoes in her room and she just turned around and smooched me :-)

Tonight, Lily used her potty for the first time. She's been sitting on it. A LOT. But this is the first action it's seen. Let's hope it's soon because she is still very prone to diaper rashes.

Also, we are now on our third ear infection THIS MONTH. Started out about three weeks ago, in the left ear. Our doctor called in drops, which cleared up the left ear, then it showed up in the right ear. We didn't even call it in, just started treating it... Now, it's back in the left ear. Awesome. We'll be heading to the ENT no later than next Tuesday, when our follow up is scheduled, but probably sooner.

Good times :-)

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JUST A MOM said...

wow sounds like MUCH FUN!!!!