Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Both girls went to the doctor today - Lucy for her 6 month (6 MONTH!) well baby and Lily for her 18 month. It's convenient that their birthdays are so close together, we can get two checkups out of the way on one day.

Here are the vitals:

Lucy, at 6 months, weighs 15lbs 14.5 ozs and is 25 inches long - that's average weight for age, but well over average weight for height. She's a shorty right now.
Lily, at 18 months, weighs 21lbs 13 oz and is 29 inches long - as always, good weight for height, but TINY for age.

Based on her drinking and weighting habits, we did a blood glucose on Lily and while the in office one was high, the fasting glucose taken two days later was fine. So was the hemoglobin test.

Other than that, no major concerns.

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JUST A MOM said...

how did I miss this one!! woo hooo growing good... is it 6 months already WOW