Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why other people are pissed about Palin

As I was reading through my blogrolls tonight, it looks like some people are speculating that the whole announcement was for show and they will "unname" Palin soon. The idea is that she was announced so they could paint a portrait of the perfect pro-life family, complete with son with Down's syndrome and young daughter who is pregnant and choosing to parent the baby. Some people are really upset that she would allow her teenage daughter to be used as a political pawn.

For the record, I think that's giving McCain WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT. I think it was irresponsibility, plain and simple. I've read that he only met her twice before he announced it and frankly, I think she was picked because she's pretty, has lots of babies and much like Georgie Jr. wouldn't be too hard to control in office - it's pretty hard to be effectual when you have no idea what the VP even does.

That said, I am still objecting (vociferously!!) to the criticisms regarding her decision to run now. Whether now means now when she has an infant son or now means now when she has a pregnant teenage daughter. Because I really don't think we'd be talking about this if Todd Palin was governor of Alaska and he was running for president. Or if we were talking about it, it would be in the context of his dealing with adversity and standing behind his party's morals, not in the context of how crappy a parent he is. The difference is that she's a woman and a mother. Or at least that's my humble opinion.

And again, I am angry about it. I'm just not convinced that a woman can get a fair shake in politics. I don't think there's a winning strategy because you either have to be barefoot and pregnant and therefore lovable and harmless or you have to be smart and strong and dominant and then you're automatically a bitch.

I mean really, we can't even dislike Palin because she makes terrible decisions and has basically zero experience? We have to crucify her for her parenting skills and having the gall to run while her family is having a rough time?


Yondalla said...

I agree. Being a mom and a politician, great!

Ultra-conservative positions, abuse of power, opposing the listing of polar bears as endangered....there are plenty of reasons to be opposed to her, which is not the same thing as not liking her.

Amy said...

I'm so torn on this one. You know I've struggled with (and still do) the whole working mom thing and the incredible guilt it produces, but at the same time I can't help but feel that Palin should be home with her kids, mainly the new one with the weird math-like name, in light of his special needs. And by home with I don't mean being a SAHM but at least being there more than she's gone.

I guess for me it's because being a politician on the national/international level is not even close to being a 40 hour a week job nor can you really expect to maintain any semblance of privacy.

That said, I have a litany of valid reasons to dislike her as a VP/possible President someday that have absolutely nothing to do with her being female or a mom and way more to do with the trend that republican=religion and all the goodies that entails.

But the snarky bitch in me really wants to ask Palin how well her plans for abstinence only based sex education is working out for her. I'm guessing not so much, eh.

Tamara said...

As a communication professor, I thought her speech was stellar. Clearly, the pageantry and tableau were effective. But I'm with you on her woman-ness and mom-ness. It's none of anyone's business. No one has ever mentioned a male politician's children, regardless of their special needs or youth. As a parallel, several of our sports heroes (football players in particular) have special needs babies. You didn't see any of them getting off the bus or off the field, nor did you see any fans complaining about their choice to play (an activity which, at best, could be considered quite LEISURE and OPTIONAL for our existence on the planet). Yeah, I'm mad a hell. And I'm a libertarian.

Dream Mommy said...

I enjoyed hearing about her family. It made her more "real." At least she is standing up for what she believes in, whether people agree or not, she's not afraid to speak her mind.

Then again, I'm not for big government, high taxes and politicians going on a spending spree with my money.

The question is, will she really do what she said?

Anonymous said...

The way I see her, - if you're not on the same page as she is, YOU'RE FIRED. Look at her record. Anyone who crossed her or disagreed with her got fired. Makes you wonder.

And, to Dream Mommy, how many politicians are you aware of who EVER do anything they say?