Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Both girls went to the doctor today - Lucy for her 6 month (6 MONTH!) well baby and Lily for her 18 month. It's convenient that their birthdays are so close together, we can get two checkups out of the way on one day.

Here are the vitals:

Lucy, at 6 months, weighs 15lbs 14.5 ozs and is 25 inches long - that's average weight for age, but well over average weight for height. She's a shorty right now.
Lily, at 18 months, weighs 21lbs 13 oz and is 29 inches long - as always, good weight for height, but TINY for age.

Based on her drinking and weighting habits, we did a blood glucose on Lily and while the in office one was high, the fasting glucose taken two days later was fine. So was the hemoglobin test.

Other than that, no major concerns.

I'm not posting...

because I am considering crawling into a safe room with PB and the girls and not emerging for... a couple of years.

LOL. It's been an interesting few days around Chez Psychic. Saturday was AWESOME! While we were getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party:
  • Lily hit her head (hard!) on the corner of the car door resulting in an impressive bump which is now bruising like crazy. I get to take her to the dr. today, so hopefully he won't call the cops on me. JK.
  • I was in the bathtub, while PB was getting the girls ready, when he burst into the room and started throwing up. That in and of itself was REALLY pleasant.
  • Then, both girls started screaming at the same time, so as I'm scrambling out of the tub to get them, I fell, brusing my legs, my arm and messing up my remaining pseudo-good ankle. I don't know how I hit both my legs and my arm and my ankle at the same time. I am just that good.
  • As we were leaving (yes, we still went, PB's presence was specifically requested by said birthday girl, and he was confident it was something he ate, not something systemic, which he was right about BTW) I heard our pool pump making an unholy noise and I realized that it was getting about 10% of the water it was supposed to. There is a clog. In the pipe that runs underground. Which snaking didn't help. Yes, friends, that is the sound of more $ flying into the stinking money pit that is our pool.
Other miscellaneous crap that we've dealt with since vacation:
  • The damn dog has fleas. That are apparently resistant to anything that won't leave him glowing in the dark for the rest of his natural life. Which may be short.
  • Our sink is leaking. AGAIN.
  • Our agency is incompetent. AGAIN. I am driving 45 minutes tonight to meet our awesome placement supervisor (no really, that's not sarcasm, she is the one redeeming feature of the agency at this point, but that's because she's a contractor) halfway between our house and mine so that Lucy's paperwork has some chance of being submitted prior to her being enrolled in Kindergarten.
The coup de grace? PB just called me from work saying that he was rear ended this morning. Apparently, she hit him hard enough to push him into the car in front of him... A Stratus sandwich, if you will.

His car isn't that bad (which actually kinda sucks, it's worth next to nothing and an insurance claim might be it's only value at this point), but he says that he hurts. All over his back and neck. YAY for whiplash. I told him to get to the doctor today if he could... I've never had an injury like that but I have to think that the longer he waits the worse it will get.

So, that's the long and short of it. Nothing majorly horrible, but lost of oppressively annoying little things.

Lucky, there are two amazingly wonderful, beautiful little things at our house that make us keep getting out of bed in the morning :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


That's the internet version of a primal scream.

I can't believe I am so stressed out already :-( I just got back from an awesome vacation that was so refreshingly relaxing. Now, I already want to hurt the people from our agency (who are nowhere NEAR finalizing Lucy's adoption) and my husband (who has "fixed" our sink that leaks three times now and still insists that I not call a plumber). At least the girls are awesome. And, despite hurricane force winds in our area that killed the power for a week, no trees fell on our house. That's a plus.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lucy''s first tooth!

She finally cut her first tooth (a bottom front tooth) while we were on vacation and she was staying with my mom. Her second tooth bottom front tooth came in the next day (9/17)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Someone emailed me last week...

It was a very nice email regarding their twins... it was not posted as a comment and somehow it has disappeared from my yahoo account.

I promise I mean to reply! Can you email me again, if you get a chance?


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why other people are pissed about Palin

As I was reading through my blogrolls tonight, it looks like some people are speculating that the whole announcement was for show and they will "unname" Palin soon. The idea is that she was announced so they could paint a portrait of the perfect pro-life family, complete with son with Down's syndrome and young daughter who is pregnant and choosing to parent the baby. Some people are really upset that she would allow her teenage daughter to be used as a political pawn.

For the record, I think that's giving McCain WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT. I think it was irresponsibility, plain and simple. I've read that he only met her twice before he announced it and frankly, I think she was picked because she's pretty, has lots of babies and much like Georgie Jr. wouldn't be too hard to control in office - it's pretty hard to be effectual when you have no idea what the VP even does.

That said, I am still objecting (vociferously!!) to the criticisms regarding her decision to run now. Whether now means now when she has an infant son or now means now when she has a pregnant teenage daughter. Because I really don't think we'd be talking about this if Todd Palin was governor of Alaska and he was running for president. Or if we were talking about it, it would be in the context of his dealing with adversity and standing behind his party's morals, not in the context of how crappy a parent he is. The difference is that she's a woman and a mother. Or at least that's my humble opinion.

And again, I am angry about it. I'm just not convinced that a woman can get a fair shake in politics. I don't think there's a winning strategy because you either have to be barefoot and pregnant and therefore lovable and harmless or you have to be smart and strong and dominant and then you're automatically a bitch.

I mean really, we can't even dislike Palin because she makes terrible decisions and has basically zero experience? We have to crucify her for her parenting skills and having the gall to run while her family is having a rough time?

I am appalling

So, you know this is a political time of year and you know I'm not one for hiding my opinions on most issues. I gotta say that McCain's VP announcement is probably going to start a whole season of anger for me.

People are already attacking her for being back to work very soon after her child was born, for even daring to consider becoming vice president when she has an infant son.

Because you know, being a mom, and being a smart, competent, driven professional are diametrically opposed, right?

A friend of a friend, told said friend that even as a feminist, she found it "appalling" that she was back to work so soon after having a baby with Down's syndrome. Which I guess must make me a monster because I was back to work the day after both of our girls came home with us. And I continue to work full time, as does PB.

We suck :-)

The thing is Palin is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. She didn't take any time off? There must be something wrong with her as a woman, hell as a person - what kind of freak would do that? And who cares if she is the GOVERNOR OF AN ENTIRE STATE. But if she had taken 3 months off after his birth? Well, then, clearly she wasn't serious about her job. Because otherwise she would have been back to work right away. Repeat, ad nauseam, as necessary.

That pisses me right off. What difference does it make and why is Palin anymore defined by her status as a mother than John McCain or Barack Obama are by their status' as father? I bet Obama didn't take much time off after either of his kids were born, and hell, McCain's wife brought home a baby he didn't even know about, at least according to his oh-so-charming campaign stories about adoption. Why aren't we talking about that?

I mean, really, if you're looking for a reason to be upset with Palin, there are a ton of others - apparently she did actually fly home from Texas after her water broke (without telling the flight crew), she is currently under investigation for her role in trying to have her ex-brother-in-law fired, she seems to be kind of shying away from the truth about her real stand on the bridge to nowhere AND she is running on an astinence only platform while her teenage daughter is pregnant. That last piece of news makes me so sad I won't even make fun of her kids' names, at least not directly.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Blood vs. water, etc, etc.

There are so many cliches you can spout off regarding family and ties that bind and blood relationships. Right now I'm reading a book, completely unrelated to adoption which has me thinking. The protagonist is searching for his lost sister and has lost his wife to cancer and is remarrying so there is a lot of discussion of whose related to who and how and the importance of DNA.

Obviously, our girls don't look like us - some people comment on Lily's resemblance to PB, and say that Lucy looks like me, because we both have darker skin tones. But really, people see what they want to see and I don't particularly think either of them look like either of us, or one another. That really drives people nuts when we are out together - I would say at least once per week a stranger references how the girls don't look anything alike. To which I generally smile and nod.

But I can't help but wonder what will happen when the girls are older. They will both always know they are adopted. But I don't want them to feel like they have to explain that to everyone they know, or happen to eat beside at Denny's. Not that I really care much what the girls tell total strangers or how those total strangers perceive our family - but they (the girls) might care and I don't know if I know what to tell them.

My mom and I were talking recently about family reunions, and what, if any, interest my daughters might ever have in attending them. Aren't family reunions about reaching out to the people who are distantly related, but in reality not much more than casual acquaintances, so you can hear stories about other family members and look for little physical and personality similarities... or is that just how I think of reunions? In any case, I wonder whether Lily and Lucy will care who their second aunt three times removed on my mom's side is? I mean, I barely care. Don't get me wrong... I feel like PB and I and our girls are as much a family as is possible, as are my parents and our close friends, and to a lesser extent, PB's family. But beyond that, will they ever be interested in knowing anything else? I don't know.

And even more importantly, what do they (especially Lucy, who will likely have less contact with her biofamily)lose by not seeing who they look like, where they got their grin or their laugh or their eyes? Will they be upset that they don't look like us? Or will they not care either way?

On another note, notice how I am becoming dangerously casual about referring to Lily as my daughter? I am afraid all cautiousness and emotional reserve and boundaries have flown out the window. Despite her case being in basically the same state as the last time I talked about it, there's not a single fiber of my being that doesn't feel like her mom and if we lose her... well, I have been resolutely staying in denial about that possibility. We'll see what happens in December, I guess.