Monday, August 11, 2008

We're still alive

The girls are doing great. Lily is having tubes put in her ears on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for us. Lucy is eating cereal and some vegetables now, though only sporadically - some days she really loves it and other days she hates it.

New words for Lily recently:
buckle, seat, towel, teeth, potty, berry, apple, swing, please, nose, yellow, pink, trash, cookie, sit, bubble, rice, juice, Elmo, belly, stuck

And stuff she's doing now that I can't forget:
  • She's become our resident litter patrolwoman - she is fascinated by putting things in the trash. When I took her to PB's softball game on Thursday she was convinced she needed to throw every rock in the park into the garbage can. It was a long night.
  • She thinks that biting me is the funniest thing in the Universe. She also still loves to be chased and will laugh her little butt off as she runs the other way.
  • She is obsessed with bellies, hers, mine, Lucy's, and on a particularly memorable trip to the grocery store, some stranger's... she didn't actually make contact but yelled "Belly" and pointed.
  • She loves shoes. Really. She will periodically take them out of her little chest in her room, fondle them, put them all back in, close the lid and sigh, "nite nite soos".
  • She loves to leave our house... as soon as anyone mentions bye-bye, she scrambles to the door and waits. Not unlike Gibson, our dog.
  • She likes most music, but she does have her limits... in my sisters car, we were listening to Garth Brook's greatest hits, and while she loved, loved, loved "We Shall be Free", she covered her ears and shook her head when that Papa Loves Mama song came on. PB was proud of her.
Cool stuff for Lucy, too:
  • She can sit up, if we help support her at the waist.
  • She does fairly well with moving food to the back of her mouth and swallowing.
  • She "kisses" you if you hold her up to your face. At least my mom counts it as kissing.
  • She will reach for things if they near her and she definitely responds to voices.
  • She blows raspberries. Especially when you are feeding her green vegetables. She thinks that is
  • She is starting to distinguish us vs. them - she sometimes gets *really* sad when someone she doesn't recognize talks to her.
  • She pulls her paci in and out of her mouth.
  • She is probably starting to hate me... I am a loud talker and I have a really loud laugh and I scare the crap our of her all the time.
  • She seems to have a preference for early Beatles. While Lily likes almost everything (see above) Lucy is going to be much more selective, that makes PB even more proud.


Amy said...

You have to buy this for Lucy:

Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles

I know it seems silly to buy a Beatles lullaby CD but Ava loves it and she sleeps (thank the heavens) when it comes on. I'll admit to some conditioning to get her to this point with it - but it's not a bad CD and I don't mind listening to it when I'm putting her to bed.

Funny about the litter. Ava will pick up every single speck on our floor (and there are lots of them) and bring every last one to me for inspection before throwing them away.

Jenny said...

I second the Beatles lullabys...Bella LOVES them. In fact i have never heard past the 3rd song. I have it in the car and by the 'Yesderday' she is out cold!

So worth the $$$~

JUST A MOM said...

OH SO SWEET... if you have 3 more they will still be all differant... I SO KNOW this... thanks for sharing and I am not too fond of the papa loved mama either ......

Rebecca said...

Yay! Maybe in 15 years Lily will be ready to go shopping for Steve Madden and Manolo Blahniks with me!

And that makes two of your kids that like to play the raspberry game with green veggies. Thanks for the warning.