Saturday, August 23, 2008

New skills and no, he did not show.

Lily said her first three word phrase today. Guess what it was?

"Mama, bite you".

Sounded more like mama bichoo, but the attempted bite following it made the meaning pretty clear.

She also said "Want my daddy" today when she was going down for a nap.

And, Lucy developed a fake laugh this week - I heard it first on Thursday. Hysterical.

Finally, for those of you who asked, Lily's biodad did not show up. In fact, I haven't spoken directly with any of her paternal biofamily in quite some time. I did leave a message on pgm's vm to let her know that Lily was fine, and got a thank you message in return, but that's it.


JUST A MOM said...

I say fade away,, do not make any atempts to do anything,,,,, let life happen... I think it is so cute that those were the 2 things she saiad,,, kinda tells ya where you stand huh,,, kidding. I can not wait to get out little girl... just a few weeks away... hang in there.

Runergirl said...

Well, at least she gave you a warning:))