Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Such an interesting discussion is unfolding

in the comments.

I wasn't really trying to justify or explain my rules (because as a couple of you pointed out I don't have to do that, and thanks for that, BTW) but more just exploring something that will probably continue to affect me and how I parent.

I think healthy eating thing is like anything else - there is a fine line between too much and not enough. I knew kids like the ones you all mentioned who were so deprived they would binge whenever they got a chance. My cousin was like that, and believe me, when he was at our house, he ate more junk food in a day than I did in a week. What my ideal goal would be is for this to be such a lifestyle / ingrained thing that Lily and Lucy never have to struggle with thinking about it... they like good stuff and they pick it and sometimes they have junk food and that's OK too. I want the whole thing to operate in the deep background of their lives, at least for as long as it can.

One of the reasons this particular issue drives me so nuts, and why I am writing about it right now, is that I don't understand why I can't get over it, already. I'm a smart girl, I know what I should be eating and I know the very real health consequences for my behaviors. My boss is constantly talking about why I should or shouldn't eat this or that, as if it's a knowledge gap. I finally told her one day, "Look, I'm not STUPID. I know what I should be eating. I know why I should be eating it. But I don't." This is the same problem I had the one time I tried to talk about this with a counselor. I was immediately referred to nutritionist, who proceeded to tell me which exchanges I should be eating. Well, thankyouverymuch for providing the information I could get online at any time. That's really not what I needed, but I totally appreciate it.

Because at the end of the day, I still don't make the right calls. In fact there are only two times in my life I have been in reasonably good shape - one was in high school when I just pretty much subsisted on granola bars and rice cakes. Poor PB - I was at my thinnest when we met, and he totally didn't know what he was in for. The second time was when I was in grad school and I enrolled in a clinical research study. I don't know if was the accountability of someone reading and critiquing my food and exercise logs, or the fact that I was afraid to mess up her dissertation or what, but for whatever reason during that study I was working out regularly and totally followed the pretty rigid diet.

Anyway, for a control freak like me, the fact that I don't just do it already is a little disturbing. I think at this point, my thoughts are moving from my girls to me, and wondering once again what my big deal is.


Rebecca said...

And you were worried about not having anything interesting to blog about. LOL.

MommyNay said...

I think we have a pretty good handle on the balance thing at our house. We buy mostly whole foods for the kids and they drink water at home. When we go out(and we do weekly) I let them have things like sprite and french fries. Whats funny is after having "the good stuff" most of my kids make really great choices all on their own. They prefer the more wholesome cereals to the sugary ones and will almost always choose fruit as a side over fries when dinning in a sit down type place. Candy is most deffinatly a treat and because they get it so rarely they dont even think to crave it or ask for it unless its in their face.
I OTOH eat like crap. Which is also why I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I make horribly bad food choices that fill me up fast and I dont get in enough calories because I constantly pacify myself with a drink of soda or a small snack food(like ill eat one oreo cookie and call it a meal) and I skip meals(like most of the most of the time)
Amazingly enough my kids havent noticed yet or picked up on it. I dont eat the crap in front of them usually because Im too busy feeding them or cleaning up after them to begin with and then I grab something when they are done down and out of the room.
Wow guess I needed to ramble tonight ehh? lol.

JUST A MOM said...

oh I go this one pegged I watch alot of tv,,, YOu eat because it is yoru comfort food it is because you mommy didn't hug you,, or maybe yor puppy died when you were busy eating a candy bar. It is what it is and at some point my dear just like me with my smoking WHEN YOU ARE READY YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.. not untill then.

I have to tell y ou that I know of a man who is clearly 400 plus pounds,,, he is surounded by 150 young teens and his diet is pepsi and cupcakes,,, I often wonder how on earth he thinks these children see him.... I will say that my daughters all ALL love this man,,, his heart is a big as his butt and for me that is all I need. I do worry about his health... but as I said it is all up to the person, it took me 35 years before I quit smoking....

SO there you have my thoughts ,,,oh wait you didn't ask for them huh oh well free of charge... ((HUGS))