Monday, July 07, 2008

The craziness is overwhelming, but overall things are good.

We just got back from a baby extravaganza - a 2nd birthday party on Saturday and a baptism on Sunday. We spent the night with our friends (the parents of both kids) and let's just say... well, drama makes me tired. The girls did amazingly well despite a crazy schedule. Lucy has once again earned the title of most laid back baby in the universe.

We're good though - the girls are on "grammy vacation" and I believe that everyone involved is enjoying every minute of it. Except for PB who is mowing the lawn while there aren't two little ones to be wrangled.

I think Lily is officially headed for tubes - she's on antibiotics for *another* ear infection, which makes the second one in six weeks and we've been very strongly advised to get the surgery scheduled.

And good news all around these parts recently. My friend Dr. M, has got a new teaching gig that's actually permanent, my friend A. just had her third baby and they finally had a boy (who was BIG - 11lbs, 10oz) and our nanny and her partner just survived the TPR trial of their two year old foster daughter - mom surprised everyone by giving up the fight, and asking that she stay with them. Sure beats the hell out of a full court hearing and then waiting 60 days for a visit.

Ooh, and we got our first three word sentence sometime in the last week. Not surprisingly it was, "I want more".


JUST A MOM said...

SOUND GREAT ALL AROUND!!!!! Thanks for sharing

rae said...

you forgot about your good friend on the west coast giving birth to her miracle baby. no biggie. *grin*
love ya....
rae (currently loving on the man of my dreams....)

Runergirl said...

My goodness Lilly is really growing up!

Runergirl said...

My goodness Lilly is really growing up!