Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An aside: cute things Lily does that I don't want to forget about

  • Says "peeze" and "Shank you" usually pretty appropriately.
  • This hysterical thing with her hands when she hears music she likes which means we are supposed to snap our fingers.
  • Talks in her sleep - sometimes so loudly I have to go stop her because I'm afraid she'll wake Lucy.
  • Puts her finger to her lips (and usually up her nose) to shush Lucy
  • Turns and runs as far as she possibly can in the opposite direction when I ask her to come to me or bring me something and she wants to play instead (cuter inside than out)
  • Sleeps with her butt in the air
  • Says "sgusting" when PB makes various disgusting bodily noises


Rebecca said...

So what does she talk about when she sleeps?

Teta Barb said...