Friday, June 06, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

Lily has 8 teeth now. Just this week, she began to recognize herself in pictures and she is a BIG fan of the word "me" now. She can finally push herself on one of those little plastic cars (though she would still prefer for us to do it) and I think she is FINALLY over her ear infection, though it required another trip to Urgent care and an alternative to the antibiotic. At 14 months, she weighs 18 and 3/4 lbs... still itty bitty.

Lucy - whose blog name I may have to change to Wee Bit, since that's what PB calls her - is also doing well. She is officially laughing now - at least sporadically, and smiles all the time.

One not so good thing... I did manage to obtain a copy of Lucy's original birth certificate with the name her firstparents gave her. To my dismay, her firstdad's name is not on it. I don't know what this means for the adoption... yet... we've put a call into our agency. I assume they checked the putative father registry and Lucy's firstmom never hinted that the baby might be anyone elses, though we have had our suspicions.



JUST A MOM said...

so tiny you just wait before you know it there will be high heals and dresses for proms.... lots of fun. relax it will all be ok... enjoy

Rebecca said...

I don't know what stage you are in the adoption, but I think it will be okay and the agency did check the registry. They have to file a statement or affidavit that they did indeed check at the time you proceed to the final stages, and any potential parent had to register within 30 days of Wee Bit's birth anyway, so honestly, I think you are okay, but check w/A, the family law expert.

Nice run on sentence, eh?

Glad Lily has finally shaken the ear infection. I'm just now over mine, I think, and that started in March. Antibiotics were not hte cure all for me, either. Poor baby. Those things suck.