Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh, and another thing?

Baby Mama? You can bite me.

Tina Fey, I adore you. And Amy Pohler? You were really funny in this move.

But why, for the love of all that is holy was there a miracle pregnancy? They really don't happen that often... I promise... You, Baby Mama, YOU are the reason why people still tell me I'll be knocked up any day now.

Thanks for that!!


JUST A MOM said...

uuumm I think passing on this was a good coice I have made thank you

Kara said...

URGHH, unreal... I adore Tina and Amy both and so wanted to see this movie. I think I will have to pass. It's just too painful.

When is Hollywood going to get the memo about Infertility? Probably never.

Kara said...

BTW, You have been tagged - check out my blog :-).

Kellie said...

Then Sex and the City can bite me too with their miracle pregnancy (though I loved the movie otherwise).

Kara said...

Completely agree with Kellie - SATC can bite me also. I winced when the words came out of Charlotte's mouth.

Soemthing to the effect of ...My doctor said, all I had to do was to stop trying and it will happen. Urghhh, really - I never thought about that.