Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hmm... wanna hear about my super awesome kids?

So, I have officially turned into "that mom" - the one who brags about her kids nonstop... but hopefully only in my head, well, and on this blog. Be forewarned, because I suck at things like baby books, I tend to record things here. Plus, I can't help it. They're just so. damned. amazing.

Let's start with Lily, who just turned 15 months. She runs now, and she just (like yesterday) learned how to jump, kind of. But unfortunately, most of the time she falls on her butt. She says "thank you", sometimes even unprompted. She also says: mama, papa, helper, more, Lucy, baby, baba (for her blanket), cup, cracker, nana (for banana) swing, water, pool, ball, car, book, rocky (for her rocking chair), shoe, dog / puppy, cow, chicken, duck, kitty, bird, fish, yummy, yucky, up, poopy... (i know - gross), owie / owwwww, hi, bye, nite-nite, gigi (her nickname for her aunts), (and when I ask her to) "sgusting" and "love you!". She also will mimic most words,

She sometimes puts herself to bed, by gathering up her binky and her baba and going to her own room, waving nite-nite over her shoulder. She just learned the word "owie" and is obsessed with it... when I peel her banana, she says "Owwww", when she sees a mole, on my arm, same thing, and today her cracker had an owie because one part of it was not baked brown like the rest. She also kisses her own "owies" when we ask if a kiss will make it better.

She'll tell you that cows moo, ducks quack, and pretty much every other animal in the world says "baa". She thinks that if she tells you "helper" you will do whatever it is she wants, even that means helping her grab the business end of the knife (which just for the record, we don't help her do). She loves being applauded and will do anything to make you clap for her. In fact, she kinds of takes it as an insult if you're the only one in the room *not* clapping for her.

And Lucy is pretty freakin' great too. She's 3 1/2 months and rolls back to front pretty consistently now. She holds her head up, tracks things with her eyes and is just starting to reach for things. She watches Lily whenever she can and is never happier than when someone is holding her, facing out.

She doesn't like to be left alone, even for a second, and I can't help but wonder if that's some emotional fall out from leaving her first mom. Just this week, she started making sounds to get our attention, and doing that cute thing where they vary the pitch and intensity to almost sound like they're talking but with random syllables.

She loves it when we brrpp our lips and tries to copy us but only ends up spitting all over herself. She is eating like crazy - she took 9 ozs in one feeding twice this weekend which I think is probably a bad idea but the girl was *seriously* upset when I cut her off at 8. We are toying with giving her some cereal because she is food obsessed - gnawing on her poor little fists while she watches us eat - but I'm trying to hold off until 4 months at the very least. We'll see.

I continue to be amazed by how completely different my girls are. Lily is loud, busy, bold and aggressive and has been pretty much since we met her. She demands food and always has - she had an angry cry, regardless of how intense her need was at the moment - she was kind of a drama queen from day one and that's developed into a *huge* temper as she's got older. She is tiny, has fair skin and light hair and pretty much has never met a stranger.

Lucy, on the other hand, is quiet and observant and really, pretty laid back. She has a smaller cry, which sounds sad, not angry, and is *much* harder for me to hear. She has an adorable smile, which she lets loose on me, PB, our parents and our sitter, but not a ton of other people. She is adorably chubby and has beautiful dark hair and eyes.

It will be so interesting to see what kind of little people they turn into. Sorry you had to read my extended milestone entry - if you're still around, thanks for hanging in.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today was my first experience at court. It was *so* *much* *fun*. I got there at 8:40 for a 9am hearing. I was the only party signed in until biodad came in at 9:30, and caseworker at 9:35. The attorney made it around 10:00 and we waited around until 11:00 for the GAL who... whoops was on vacation.

The funny thing is she filed a reporting stating that she visits with Lily when she sees her mom. Now, remember, Lily hasn't seen her mom since last September. Too bad the GAL is supposed to be seeing her every month... nice.

Anyway, 1st extension to TCC was granted, as we expected. Next hearing will be December 11. No other changes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aww, shucks...

thanks for the affirmation on the birth certificate thing. I felt like it was the right thing to do - it was great to hear from my fellow sneaky adoptive moms so I knew that I wasn't the only one. And thanks, too, for sharing your personal quest to get an original birth certificate for yourself or a loved one. I HATE that those records are sealed. Hate it. I am going to request Lily's birth certificate ASAP, so I have the in hand as well.

Another question, wise readers - I think a lot of you know where I live... if anyone else who lives here has a pediatrician recommendation, I would LOVE to hear it. My pediatrician recently made the local news because he was charged with sexual harassment of a parent. Gotta love that. I am looking for someone who would at least be open to a non traditional vaccination schedule - both doctors I saw at the current practice wouldn't even really discuss it as an option. Anyway, I know it's a long shot, but I thought it was worth a try.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hi, my name is Amanda...

and I'm a bad adoptive parent, too!

My agency worker is... umm... distressed that I have a copy of Lucy's original birth certificate. According to her, without a notarized letter from Lucy's first parents saying that I had permission to get it, I shouldn't have requested it. Further, the county where Lucy was born, she says, should not have sent it to me.

But I did, and they did.

And I don't feel badly about it. I mean, I guess, yes, technically it's a violation of Lucy's first mom's privacy... but I told her that I wanted to get a copy of it, and she said that was fine. Plus, aside from her first dad's absence on the document there is NOTHING there that we didn't already know - we exchanged full names and addresses in the hospital, and one of the reasons we finally settled on Lucy's middle name is that it's her first mom's. Hell, I didn't even do anything DISHONEST to get it - I just went online, filled out Lucy's information, filled out my information and paid my $28 bucks.

Besides that, I feel like the bigger violation would be to NOT do everything I can to get my hands on it before it is sealed by the state, for Lucy's sake. I think it's totally ludicrous that she doesn't have a legal right to this document once we finalize and the crazy new "Look it's just like Amanda and PB gave birth to Lucy" certificate is issued. Isn't that a worse thing to do - to keep her from having that?

I don't know. I guess it really doesn't matter. What's done is done and really, I'm glad I did it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh, and another thing?

Baby Mama? You can bite me.

Tina Fey, I adore you. And Amy Pohler? You were really funny in this move.

But why, for the love of all that is holy was there a miracle pregnancy? They really don't happen that often... I promise... You, Baby Mama, YOU are the reason why people still tell me I'll be knocked up any day now.

Thanks for that!!

This is why I love language

Here's a sentence that I think may be totally unique....

"No! Don't hit your sister with a horse."

Friday, June 06, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

Lily has 8 teeth now. Just this week, she began to recognize herself in pictures and she is a BIG fan of the word "me" now. She can finally push herself on one of those little plastic cars (though she would still prefer for us to do it) and I think she is FINALLY over her ear infection, though it required another trip to Urgent care and an alternative to the antibiotic. At 14 months, she weighs 18 and 3/4 lbs... still itty bitty.

Lucy - whose blog name I may have to change to Wee Bit, since that's what PB calls her - is also doing well. She is officially laughing now - at least sporadically, and smiles all the time.

One not so good thing... I did manage to obtain a copy of Lucy's original birth certificate with the name her firstparents gave her. To my dismay, her firstdad's name is not on it. I don't know what this means for the adoption... yet... we've put a call into our agency. I assume they checked the putative father registry and Lucy's firstmom never hinted that the baby might be anyone elses, though we have had our suspicions.